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Mango Homeschool rapidly builds real-world language skills and cultural confidence in over 60 languages for your homeschooled children.

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17 Family Board Games That Make Great Gifts

Are you in a rut or stuck on gift ideas for friends or family? Seriously, you can NEVER go wrong with family board games. Most board games encourage creative and strategic thinking, lots of laughter and (hopefully!) friendly competition. They're also a great way to...

Election Lesson

Your children may be asking questions about how the election process works. Or maybe you are wondering yourself exactly how it works or how to explain it! See how much you and your kids know.

Recipes For Healthy Living

We all want to be healthier because we all know that as good stewards of our health it is our responsibility. Sometimes though it can be more difficult to make important changes to your eating habits. They are called habits for a reason! But when you do find a way to make these vital changes, it is easier if you have some guidance. For me, that means I need recipes

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