Homestead Bound, Our Journey Moving to the Missouri Ozarks

Uprooting your family can be difficult, but sometimes well worth the challenges that have yet to come. Read this article to find out why my family and I decided to move our own homestead to the Missouri Ozarks and how it has benefited us in our lives. Join us on our journey!

Homesteading in Alaska

Learn what homesteading in Alaska is like through a first person account of an Alaskan who is living the homesteading dream. Discover two ways you can start your Alaska homestead today!

Creative Homesteading in the City

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Living in a Yurt in with Three Children and Winter Yurt Lessons

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Homestead Farm Planning and Realistic Expectations

Homestead farm living is the talk of the town! But, many new homesteaders are coming in with unrealistic expectations on what they can do with their land. In this article, we talk about starting small and building a strong foundation for sustainable homesteading. Read up to get started right!

Homesteader Lessons and Why I Don’t Call it Failure

Being a homesteader can be tough! Having to create everything from scratch that your family needs to survive can be daunting, especially when your hard work is met with failure. Find out why Esther Emery of YouTube’s hit “Fouch Family Off Grid” believes building an independent life is still worth the struggle.

Shed House Conversion for Homesteading in Kentucky

A shed house conversion is not something Jenn Dana ever would have thought was in her future until she and her husband met the perfect piece of property. Read on to see how they converted an ordinary tractor shed into a cozy home that any homesteaders would be proud of!