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Molly Green Magazine 2017 Issues

Molly Green Magazine Spring 2017

Welcome the new season with “Spring on the Homestead.” For many of us, spring is our favorite time of year! There’s the excitement of a new planting season, baby animals, spring cleaning, and so much more. In this issue, Molly Green Magazine focuses on emus and geese, onions and fungi, salad greens, homeschooling on the road, and plenty more!


  • Rural Revolution: Preparing for Debt?
  • Living Off the Land: The Simple Joys of Collecting Rainwater
  • Living Off the Land: City to Country-12 Tips
  • How Your Garden Grows: Hugelkulture in the City
  • How Your Garden Grows: Growing Onions in Alaska
  • Around the Farmyard: What’s Good for the Goose . . .
  • Around the Farmyard: Raising Emus
  • Skycraft: The Eclipse of the Century
  • Alternative Housing: The Upside of Downsizing


  • Plant of the Month: Go Green–Salad Green
  • Build a Menu: Kids in the Kitchen–The Benefits of Cooking Together
  • Homesteader’s Bookshelf: A Simply Homemade Clean by Lisa Barthuly
  • Hearth and Home: Ewe, Me, and Part of the Herd


  • The Homeschooling Family: Life on the Road: A Mobile Homeschool by Michelle Foxworthy
  • On Mama’s Mind: Wrestling with the Three R’s: Reaching Unity in Homeschool Decisions by Sharon Duncan
  • The Natural Homeschooler: No Two Kids Are Alike by Karen Whiting
  • Learning Styles: Does Textbook Learning Really Work? by Rhonda Barfield


  • Marketing Your Biz: Marketing vs. Branding: What’s the Difference?
  • Family Feature: The Cake Lady

Molly Green Magazine Winter 2017

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to keep you busy on the homestead! Learn to grow herbs and microgreens indoors, start your own Worm Farm in preparation for spring, and hear the truth about raising pigs from someone who’s been there, done that. Winter is often the time when we focus on home. This issue will help you get organized with “Simplicity Parenting” and “The Complete Book of Home Organization.” Who doesn’t love the smell of a warm fire in the woodstove in winter? You’ll be inspired by the stories of two modern homesteaders who use their woodstoves year-around.


  • Rural Revolution: The Forgotten Leg of Preparedness by Patrice Lewis
  • Alternative Energy: Considering Going Off-Grid? Start Small with Solar by Merissa A. Alink
  • Alternative Energy: Solar Power: DIY and Off-the-Shelf by Nick Fouch
  • Alternative Energy: Solar Provides What We Need by Jaimie Bauer
  • Living Off the Land: My Outdoor Pantry by Sherri Lyons


  • Plant of the Month: The Easy Addition of Wheat Grass by Susan Lyttek
  • Build a Menu: Evolution of a Menu Planner by Karee Blunt
  • Home Crafts: Homemade Spice Mixes by Noreen Lambert
  • Frugal Homestead: Save Those Scraps! by Jan Hatchett
  • Feature: Vintage Living in a Modern Home by Sharon Duncan


  • The Natural Homeschooler: Finding Balance in Homeschooling by Stephanie Oaks
  • The Homeschooling Family: So Your Schedule Isn’t Working … by Rhonda Barfield
  • Online Options: Online Learning That Works by Rachel Rogish


  • Getting Started: Here to Help Learningby Beth Mora
  • Marketing Your Biz: Graphics—DIY or Outsource? by Meredith Duke
  • Family Business Idea: Puppetry: A Handy Way to Earn Money by Karen Whiting

Molly Green Magazine 2016 Issues

Molly Green Magazine Fall 2016

Looking for a frugal way to homestead? Ultimate Trailersteader Anna Hess shares her secrets. Need advice on canning up all that wonderful garden bounty? Check out three articles on preserving. Trying to lose weight, but not finding success? Learn about the Keto Diet and how one woman went from a size 24 to a 10! Then of course, there’s back to homeschool, starting a home business, and so much more! Just look at some of the articles you’ll find:


  • Rural Revolution: It Can’t Happen Here! by Patrice Lewis
  • How Your Garden Grows: Aquaponics—Grow Your Fish and Eat Them Too by Meredith Duke
  • Around the Farmyard: Duck Egg Delights by Lisa Steele
  • Young Homesteader: The Ultimate HOME Woman: Olivia Atherton by Meredith Duke
  • Living Off the Land: Bow Hunting: A Family Affair by Jenn Dana


  • Plant of the Month: Don’t Spray ’Em … Eat ’Em! by Susan Lyttek
  • Canning & Preserving: Simply Canning by Sharon Peterson
  • Feature: Keeping a Root Cellar by Stephanie Oaks
  • Home Crafts: Hand Washing Laundry: A Homesteader’s Skill by Amanda Fisk
  • Organized at Home: Simple Spaces for Children by Alicia Hutchinson


  • The Natural Homeschooler: Homeschooling with Quail by Carole West
  • Online Options: Homeschool Classroom of the 21st Century by Ann Empfield
  • Curriculum Review: ALEF Press Review by Makaela Barthuly
  • The Homeschooling Family: “Help! My Teen is Being a Pain” by Rhonda Barfield


  • Getting Started: Marmee Dear Home Business by Martha Greene
  • Family Feature: Strawsome by Daedra Surowiec
  • Marketing Your Biz: SEO—The Key to Growing Your Business by Meredith Duke

Molly Green Magazine Summer 2016

Learn to maximize your gardening results and minimize weeding. Discover how the Bauers make it all summer long without air conditioning on their American Homestead. Enjoy the luscious blueberries that are an American tradition. Are you prepared to handle water needs if the faucets stopped working? What about summer homeschooling? Below are just a few of 30+ articles you’ll find.


  • Rural Revolution: Happy Families are All Alike
  • How Your Garden Grows: How to Improve Production and Cut Labor
  • Alternative Housing: Straw Bale House Construction
  • Around the Farmyard: The Homestead Dairy
  • Living off the Land: Living without Air Conditioning
  • Be Prepared: Preparedness 101: Water


  • Plant of the Month: Blueberries!
  • Hearth and Home: Ewe, Me and Buckets
  • Whole Foods Living: Painting the Picture on Artificial Food Colorings
  • The Prepared Pantry: Berry Season
  • Build a Menu: Summer’s Plentiful Produce


  • The Homeschooling Family: This Works for Us
  • On Mama’s Mind: Homeschooling with Grandparents
  • Home Happenings: Hats Off to the Homeschool Pioneers
  • Craftsmanship: Blacksmithing: Handcrafted Metal Work for a New Generation
  • Getting Started: Before You Buy That Curriculum


  • Feature: The Modern-Day Milk Maid
  • Feature: DIY Diapers—From Skeptic to Small-Business Owner
  • Finding Balance: Balancing Life with a Home Business
  • Growing a Business: The Story of Chicken Armor

Molly Green Magazine Spring 2016

Test your preparedness systems and learn about gun safety. Learn how useful goats can be for milk, meat, fiber, and even milk-soap! Organize your kitchen and read the encouraging story of a homesteading mom of one special needs child … and so much more! Below are just a few of 30+ articles you’ll find.


  • Rural Revolution: A Test of Emergency Preparedness Systems
  • How Your Garden Grows: Natural Pest Control in the Garden
  • Interview: Georgia Pellegrini—Modern Pioneer
  • All About Goats: Before You Get That Dairy Goat
  • Living off the Land: Gun Safety Essentials, Part 1
  • Skycraft: Finding the Day and Week by the Sun


    Herb of the Month: When Life Gives You Lemon Balm…Celebrate!
  • Hearth and Home: Homesteading and the Special Needs Child
  • Whole Foods Living: Does Your Family Have Diet Disgust?
  • The Prepared Pantry: Homestead Spring Clean
  • Home Crafts: DIY Crochet Dishcloth
  • Organized at Home: Ten Steps to an Organized Kitchen


  • The Homeschooling Mama: Eleah’s Dyslexia Story
  • Language Study: Why Study a Foreign Language?
  • The Natural Homeschooler: Brain Fats for Learning
  • Woodworking: DIY Hovercraft


  • Feature: Don’t Wash Your Socks: The Homesteader’s Answer to Too Much Laundry
  • Business Tips: Selling Plants from Your Greenhouse
  • Feature: Azure Has Deep Organic Roots
  • Getting Started: Ten Steps to Starting a Home Business

Molly Green Magazine Winter 2016

Stock your pantry with homemade mixes, and stitch up a beginners’ quilt top for a newborn. Learn about aquaponics greenhouses and DIY winter projects. Prepare your home for winter power failures with Creek Stewart. Discover the benefits of dual enrollment, and deal effectively with homeschool naysayers. Provide traction on icy paths around your homestead, and discover the benefits of yurt living. Try a 12-month organization plan and lots more! In this 108-page issue you’ll find:


  • Rural Revolution: Ants and Grasshoppers
  • Living Off the Land: Wintering Off-Grid with Creek Stewart
  • Alternative Housing: Yurt Magic
  • Winter Homesteading: Can’t Get No Traction
  • How Your Garden Grows: Winter Aquaponics Greenhouse
  • DIY At Home: DIY Winter Projects, In from the Cold


  • Whole Foods Living: Time for an “Oil” Change
  • Hearth and Home: Homemade Antibacterial Soap
  • Home Crafts: Make an Easy Baby Quilt Top
  • Build a Menu: Healthy Foods for Winter Cooking
  • The Prepared Pantry: Mix It Up This Winter!
  • Organized At Home: The 12-Month Home Organization Plan


  • Feature: Common Core: What’s All the Fuss?
  • The Other Side of the Fence: Dual Enrollment: Making High School Count Double!
  • Teach Them to Write: The Power of a Story
  • The Homeschooling Mama: Dealing with Homeschool Naysayers


  • Cottage Shop Focus: Crochet Therapy Becomes Home Business
  • Business Tips: 8 Ways to Legally Lower Your Tax Bill
  • Getting Started: Grow Your Business in 10 Easy Steps
  • Feature: Self-Publish Your Book

Molly Green Magazine 2015 Issues

Molly Green Magazine Fall 2015

Prepare your pantry and your fall vegetable garden. Decide if you should have a horse on your homestead. Learn archery and goose-hunting skills. Be ready for a job layoff or economic trouble. Learn the value of freeze drying foods and homesteading in the suburbs. Teach woodshop to your kids and avoid mistakes beginning homeschoolers make. Discover crowdfunding to start your home business, and lots more! In this 108-page issue you’ll find:


  • Rural Revolution: Is Total Self-Sufficiency Possible?
  • Around the Farmyard: Horses on the Homestead
  • How Your Garden Grows: Fall Vegetable Gardening
  • Living Off the Land: A Day in the Life of an Off-Grid Mom
  • Archery: Bow Hunting Safety for Women
  • Skycraft: Telling Time at Night


  • Herb of the Month: The Humble Onion
  • Frugal Family: 8 Things to Do When Facing Unemployment
  • Whole Foods Living: Milk: Bacteria, Camels, and Lactose Intolerance
  • Hearth and Home: The Prepared Pantry
  • Homesteader’s Kitchen: Sensational Sausage
  • Home Organization: Ten Common Habits of Organized Moms


  • Home Happenings: Woodworking: Shop Class at Home
  • The Homeschooling Mama: Homeschooling Multiple Grades
  • The Other Side of the Fence: Living Within Your Means
  • Family Focus: Four Mistakes Beginning Homeschoolers Make


  • Getting Started: Crowdfunding 101
  • Business Tips: We Love Sales, But Not Sales Tax
  • Feature: Can I Raise a Family and Work from Home?
  • A Family Business: A Horse Lover’s Home Business

Molly Green Magazine Summer 2015

It’s finally summer! After a long, bitter winter and a cool, wet spring, we are finally basking in the warmth and sunshine of a new growing season. This summer edition of Molly Green Magazine, offers you memorable stories from families like yours on: raising suburban chickens, living without a refrigerator, transitioning to a healthier whole-foods diet, taking advantage of summer learning opportunities, branding your home business, and plenty more! In this 108-page issue you’ll find:


  • Rural Revolution: Why Be Normal?
  • Around the Farmyard: Suburban Chickens: 10 Tips to Get You Started
  • How Your Garden Grows: Container Gardening 101 and Heirloom Seeds
  • Living Off the Land: DIY: The Story of a Rifle
  • Alternative Housing: Shouse Living: How Our Temporary “Shop” Became Home
  • Suburban Homesteader: 10 Steps to Suburban Homesteading


  • Herb of the Month: Raspberries and Blackberries
  • HomeCrafts: Father’s Day Craft: Decorated Picture Frames and Simple Pillow Covers
  • The Road Less Traveled: Stop Feeding Your Family Junk!
  • Build a Menu: 8 Ways to Get More Veggies and Fruits into Your Children’s Diet
  • Hearth and Home: Our Staycation—Free Rooms and No “Bored”
  • Organized at HOME: How to Organize Digital Photos


  • Home Happenings: Summer Homeschooling Worked for Us
  • The Homeschooling Mama: How to Turn a Road Trip into an Educational Experience
  • Curriculum Review: “All About Spelling”
  • Family Focus: Summer (Home) School is in Session!


  • Getting Started: Branding Your Business by Jodie Kieliszewski
  • Business Tips: Should You Consider LLC Status for Your Home Business? by Carol Topp, CPA
  • Feature: Marketing Your Garden Surplus by Stephanie Oaks
  • Your Money: Developing Long-Term Financial Independence by Amanda van der Gulik

Molly Green Magazine Spring 2015

Spring is finally starting to break through and there is so much to look forward to this season on the homestead! This spring edition of Molly Green Magazine offers you insight for alternative housing and off-grid living, filling in the gaps in your gluten-free diet, advice on companion planting for your garden, cooking with fresh herbs, homeschooling high school, literature and living books, starting a business without debt, and plenty more! In this 104-page issue you’ll find:


  • Rural Revolution: The Secret of a Simple Life
  • How Your Garden Grows: Companion Planting and Knowing Your Garden Numbers
  • Herb of the Month: Mint: An Herb for All Times and Seasons
  • Living Off the Land: Living Off-Grid: My Family’s Decision to Live Differently
  • Alternative Housing: Building a Log Cabin and Home Heating Options
  • Skycraft: The Basics of Natural Navigation


  • HomeCrafts: Pet-Bed Covers for Fido or Fluffy
  • The Road Less Traveled: Are You Missing Nutrients in Your Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Diet?
  • Build a Menu: Ten Time-Saving Tricks in the Kitchen
  • All About Food: Cooking with Fresh Herbs
  • Home Organization: Eight Ways to Keep Your Day on Track
  • Cultivating a Quiet Soul: It’s Not About the Money


  • Feature: Finishing the Semester Well
  • The Homesteader’s Bookshelf: Tan Your Hide
  • Homeschooling Mama: Can I Do It? Homeschooling High School
  • The Other Side of the Fence: Technical Colleges: A Solid Choice for Higher Education
  • Curriculum Review: “Science: In the Ancient World”
  • Feature: Literature and Living Books


  • Getting Started: Five Things to Consider Before Starting Your Home-based Business
  • Business Tips: Grow Your Business by Teaching Others by Stephanie Oaks
  • Feature: Starting a Home Business without Debt
  • Young Entrepreneurs: Cleaning Up with a Home Experiment: Dirty Boy Soap

Molly Green Magazine Winter 2015

This winter edition of Molly Green Magazine offers you encouragement for surviving the “winter blues,” transitioning to a gluten-free diet, ways to turn parties into homeschool-worthy events, a unit study on Snowflake Bentley, tips to encourage your children to develop their talents and self-discipline, and so much more! In this 96-page issue you’ll find:


  • How Your Garden Grows: Could You Grow Your Own Food in a Crisis?
  • Herb of the Month: Cilantro/Coriander: One Plant with Many Applications
  • Living Off the Land: How to Cook Your Goose and Eat it Too
  • Beekeeping 101: Basic Hive Protection
  • Skycraft: The Basics of Natural Time Keeping


  • The Road Less Traveled: Tips to Transition to a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Diet
  • Build A Menu: Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions to Save Money and Meal Planning 101: How to Get it Done
  • All About Food: Ricotta: The Gateway Cheese
  • Cultivating a Quiet Soul: Dwelling in Midian
  • Notes from the Heart: Why My Husband and I Still Hold Hands
  • Home Happenings: Fighting the Winter Blues


  • Feature: Our Homestead Homeschool
  • The Homesteader’s Bookshelf: The Foxfire Books
  • Homeschooling Mama: Learning Alongside Your Child
  • Unit Studies: Snowflake Bentley: Sharing Treasures with the World
  • Curriculum Review: “Science: In the Ancient World”
  • Feature: Party While You Homeschool


  • Family Focus: Why We Have Our Children Work
  • Family Focus: Bee Lovely Botanicals: One Family’s Path to Beekeeping
  • Feature: Wild Road to Freedom: Self-Employed Carpentry
  • Young Entrepreneurs: Cultivating Talent and Passion in Children
  • Money Matters: Goal Setting for Kids: Teaching Delayed Gratification

Molly Green Magazine 2014 Issues

Molly Green Magazine November/December 2014

In this gorgeous issue, you’ll find valuable information for crafting a memorable and affordable holiday season that focuses on gratefulness and simplicity. Here is just a sample of what this 88- page issue offers:


  • In Rural Revolution Patrice Lewis shows you how to “plug the leaks” that are keeping you from financial peace.
  • How Your Garden Grows: Bring the outdoors inside as you enjoy Christmas décor and more from the garden.
  • Living Our Dream details the fascinating story of how one family made their “Home in a Tractor Shed.”
  • Wondering about raising pigs? “Bringing Home the Bacon” will teach you just how to do that.
  • In our newest column, SkyCraft, regain lost knowledge as you learn the intricacies and beauty of the heavens.


  • Dive in to delicious gluten-free “Baked Apple-Stuffed Pumpkin.”
  • Let the ladies at Build A Menu assist you in “Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Meal Planning.”
  • Check out four amazing side dishes in “From-Scratch Holiday Recipes” before you learn the art of “Making Fancier Cookies.”
  • In Hearth and Home learn how to “Finish a Quilt Top Quickly.”
  • Spend your money wisely with “Low-Budget Christmas Decorating” and “Great Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank.”
  • Soak in the wisdom of “The Gentle Mothers of Christmas.”


  • Take a look at “Homeschooling College” via CollegePlus.
  • Don’t miss one dedicated Grandma’s experience “Homeschooling via Skype.”
  • Consider some new ideas for your home in “A Simple and Meaningful Holiday Season.”
  • Spruce up your holiday education plans with “Historic Christmas Unit Studies.”
  • Share with your children the sacrifices those first Pilgrims in “Hide It Not: The Thanksgiving Treasure Of Plymouth Plantation.”


  • You’ll love one family’s home-business story in “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!”
  • Get valuable tips about raising turkeys in “Let’s Talk Turkey!”
  • Read how one family of Young Entrepreneurs is “Crafting a Home Industry.”
  • Learn the secret of “The Best Gift to Give.”

Molly Green Magazine September/October 2014

It’s fall at the homestead! Time for apple picking, farmers’ markets, and back to school. But this issue of Molly Green Magazine, with 90+ pages, is taking us to even bigger and better things! Our new focus on all things HOMEsteading, HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, and HOMEindustry has something for everyone interested in a home-oriented lifestyle. Look for articles on:


  • In Rural Revolution meet Patrice Lewis, the famous “opinionated rural north Idaho housewife” who talks about the dangers of “armchair preparedness.”
  • How Your Garden Grows gives you a head start on next year’s crop by teaching you how to save your own seeds today and offering great tips for growing garlic.
  • Deer Fever offers suggestions for deer hunting and processing, and some recipes to try when the hunt is successful.
  • Canning 101: Apples! Don’t let those apples go to waste! There’s so much you can do to preserve the season’s bounty.
  • Are You Prepared? by Lisa Barthuly will help you consider ways to protect yourself and your family that you may not have considered.


  • The FlyLady helps you organize your “back to school” schedule with Routines.
  • The Homeschooling Doctor Mom, Terri Fites, MD, shares her journey to a gluten-free/dairy-free life.
  • The ladies at Build A Menu help you save money by subbing ingredients and showing the path to a Healthier Grocery Budget.
  • Germs Be Gone! gives you natural solutions to prepare for the cold and flu season.
  • Cultivating a Quiet Soul will remind you of the value of a tranquil life.


  • Karen Whiting gives a closer look at God’s seven-day plan for organizing, and shows how we can follow His example.
  • Learn ways to incorporate Biblical history in your curriculum with Homeschooling’s First Love.
  • Take a look at education through the ages in Ancient Ways in the 21st Century.
  • Also read curriculum reviews, suggestions for Homeschooling with Chronic Illness and balancing multiple ages, and ways to Embrace the Journey this school year.


  • Stephanie Oaks shares her family’s story of starting their own farming homestead.
  • Learn how to set up your own bake-for-profit cottage industry with Knead Dough?
  • Discover What Children Learn By Selling at the Farmers’ Market.
  • Get ideas for making your child money savvy in Money Matters.

Molly Green Magazine July/August 2014

In this jam-packed issue, you’ll find so many exciting articles—there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re tending to a vegetable garden, flower garden, or even just enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll be sure to walk away with all kinds of great ideas to use on your homestead. Happy summer and enjoy this issue of Molly Green Magazine!

  • In Notes from the Heart, Patricia Hunter talks about establishing the work of our hands
  • The FlyLady, Marla Cilley talks to Molly readers about laundry
  • Sharon White provides a fun project on making a homemade butter churn in Something Old, Something New
  • Gardening from the North and Gardening from the South are sure to give you great gardening tips
  • In Hearth & Home, Lisa Barthulybrings you a great article on the many uses of lavender
  • Eric Osborn writes from the male perspective in Ancient Ways in the 21st Century
  • Why You Need to Save on Groceries is just one of the featured articles from our friends at Build a Menu
  • In Molly Recommends, Rhonda Barfield lets you in on her secrets to a win-win-win garage sale
  • Beekeeping 101 is yet another featured article that will walk you through the basics of beekeeping
  • Molly Green Magazinehas a green thumb and everything is coming up savings! Learn how to supplement your food budget with gardening, freezing excess produce, and much more.

Molly Green Magazine May/June 2014

In this issue, Molly brings you many homesteading articles as well as information on supporting and sustaining a home business. Many of the regular authors are back to share all sorts of goodies in their featured articles. You’ll also find some new authors who’ve made their debut to share their homesteading stories and adventures. Enjoy!

  • The FlyLady, Marla Cilley, talks to Molly readers about Summer Camp
  • Sharon White provides a fun project on making a basket from plastic shopping bags in Something Old, Something New
  • Gardening from the North and Gardening from the South are sure to give you great gardening tips
  • In Hearth & Home, Lisa Barthulybrings you perspective on teaching children to “win” with money
  • Eric Osborn writes from the male perspective in Ancient Ways in the 21st Century
  • Family Meal Planning to the Rescue is just one of the featured articles from our friends over at Build a Menu
  • In Molly Recommends, Rhonda Barfield lets you in on her secret about a win-win-win garage sale
  • Beekeeping 101 is yet another featured article that will walk you through the basics of beekeeping

Molly Green Magazine March/April 2014

In this issue, Molly brings you on a tour around the homestead, just in time for spring!

  • In Notes from the Heart, Patricia Hunter talks about using what you’ve got
  • The FlyLady Marla Cilley, talks to Molly readers about getting started with a system to help life become more organized
  • Sharon White provides a fun, votive candle holder project in Something Old, Something New
  • Gardening from the North and Gardening from the South are sure to give you great gardening tips, spring is the perfect time to begin planning!
  • In Hearth & Home, Lisa Barthuly brings you some examples on natural spring cleaning
  • Eric Osborn is back and writes from the male perspective in Ancient Ways in the 21st Century
  • Kids in the Kitchen is just one of the featured articles from our friends over at Build a Menu
  • In Here’s to Your Health, Susan Lyttek shares how to survive ear infections at home
  • Beekeeping 101 is yet another featured article that will walk you through the basics of beekeeping

Molly Green Magazine January/February 2014

In this issue, Molly introduces you to the new look for 2014. Join her as she bring readers along on a homesteading adventure!

  • This ‘n That will show you special ways on how to celebrate the months of January and February
  • In Notes from the Heart, Patricia Hunter talks about the 21st Century Woman of Excellence
  • The FlyLady, Marla Cilley, makes her debut appearance and talks to Molly readers about progress. . . not perfection
  • Sharon White joins us again this year with a fun project in Something Old, Something New
  • Gardening from the North and Gardening from the South are sure to give you great gardening tips
  • On Mama’s Mind brings you some examples of home remedies to help keep your family healthy this winter season
  • Eric Osborn joins us this year and writes from the male perspective in Ancient Ways in the 21st Century
  • Savvy Savings is just one of the featured articles from our friends over at Build a Menu
  • Beekeeping 101 is yet another featured article that will walk you through the basics of beekeeping

Molly Green Magazine 2013 Issues

Molly Green Magazine November/December 2013

Molly is wearing her worker bee and techie hat this month! This month, Molly is all about sharing tips to help the working mom! No matter if you work at home or out of the home, all moms are busy. Wouldn’t you agree? Since the holidays will soon be upon us, you’ll also find some fun ideas on making your own Christmas letters, how to make your very own Christmas wreath, putting together your own Advent service and some great tips from Marla Cilley (you may know her as the Fly Lady!). Let Molly Green show you how to enjoy the holiday season on a budget!

  • This ‘n That will show you special ways to celebrate each day of November and December
  • In Begin with the Basics, Patricia Hunter discusses ways to utilize a “stop day”
  • Learn about 5 free apps and sites to make your menu planning a breeze
  • Jennifer Zuri shows you how to put together your very own Christmas wreath
  • Do you tend to get stressed out during the holidays? Check out the article by Marla Cilley (The Fly Lady) on easy ways to avoid stress this year
  • Sharon White shows you how to make a (recycled) waste paper basket
  • Gardening in the desert isn’t as difficult as you might think! The article Pamela Williams tells you why
  • Working from home can be tough, especially while raising children. Molly Recommends gives you some practical tips to make working from home a little easier

Molly Green Magazine September/October 2013

You may have noticed that we combined the September and October issues of Molly Green magazine. We’ve packed this combo issue with great, frugal tips and information just for you, covering two themes- Molly the Bookworm and Molly the Good Steward! Fall is here, and with it comes back to school time. Let Molly show you how to approach this time of year inexpensively and creatively!

  • Patricia Hunter shares how she keeps her love of books under control. This is an area where many people struggle. After all, a love of reading is something to be desired! Patricia’s 11 tips are sure to help your book-buying budget.
  • Now that you’ve figured out how to keep those books under control, how do you store them? How about using them as decorating focal points in your home? Jennifer Zuri will show you how to do just that!
  • Working from home is becoming more and more popular. While this is a great way to earn an income and still be at home, it also opens up some new challenges. Let Molly help you find the balance needed for work at home sanity.
  • In Molly the Frugal Foodie, April Schroader shares her top 6 cookbooks picks for healthy, cheap, and simple cooking.
  • Molly decided to tackle her personal bookshelf in this month’s installment of Frugality 101. She takes you along on her journey to simplify.
  • Do you use an e-Reader or have a family member that does? If so, you’ll want to be sure to check out Sharon White’s easy, step-by-step tutorial on making an e-Reader pillow!
  • Are you looking for a new way to teach the subject of science to your children? Rhonda Barfield shares how she used handmade nature journals to teach biology. These are fun, creative, inventive ways to teach what can be mundane ideas.
  • Back to School time should be marked with a special day! Inger Koppenhaver has some great ideas to make that first day of school extra exciting!
  • Menu planning is a very popular way to get your food budget under control. This month, Molly walks you through the steps to begin saving money by planning your meals in advance.
  • Another great cost-saving meal system is once a month cooking. If you haven’t tried this yet, be sure to read Molly’s tips to getting started!
  • Do you have child that loves to write? Don’t miss this very informative article from Amanda van der Gulik, Could Your Child Be a Published Author?
  • E-Books are certainly all the rage these days! Let Pat Fender show you how to create your own E-Books for fun and profit!
  • Rhonda Barfield has published 5 books. She shares boldly and plainly about this process. If you have an interest in writing, you won’t want to miss her article this month!
  • Looking for a quick dessert? How about Cocoa Pink Cuplets? Jennifer Zuri describes them as a chocolate chip cookie in the form of a muffin. They sure sound yummy!
  • One money-saving tip is to utilize the public library. Rhonda Barfield calls it the homeschooler’s best friend. Be sure to read her book selections from her years of home education! You might find some of your own favorites along with some new titles to check out!

Molly Green Magazine August 2013

You’re never too old (or young) to learn! This issue of Molly Green Magazine includes articles that will both encourage and challenge you. As a homeschooler, learn how to prepare your heart before beginning to teach. How about learning how to clothe your family with only $100 per year?! Be ready for that avalanche of school papers with our tips. Using our 15 minute cooking system, you’ll have made from scratch meals on the table with ease. Molly and her team have packed this issue with teachings on all sorts of topics!

  • Back to school time is a great time to celebrate Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Having a regular eye exam is important for eye health. With back to school themed sales, now would be a perfect time to take care of this appointment.
  • As Patricia Hunter shares, it’s who we are, what we do, and how we respond to life’s challenges and opportunities that make a greater impact than what we teach. Our children are watching us. Learn to prepare your heart as a homeschool teacher.
  • With the 15 minute cooking system shared by Rhonda Barfield, supper time won’t arrive with you wondering what to make for supper. Or worse yet, ordering pizza for the 3rd time this week. Simple, easy to follow step-by-step directions make using this system a breeze.
  • With the national average ranging from $300 all the way to $1200 per year for clothing for ONE child, you’ll want to read how April Schroader clothes her children for only $100 PER CHILD!
  • What can you make with old clothes, an empty milk container, spray adhesive, and fiberfill? Follow along with Patricia Hunter as she shows you how to make teaching puppets!
  • Are you taking a trip to the beach this summer? Don’t let the learning stop! Pat Fenner shares how to learn everywhere you go!
  • Nothing seems to go right when Mom’s physical, emotional, and spiritual states get out of whack. Rhonda Barfield has practical tips to get back on track.
  • Routine in your homeschool. Does that scare you? Let Jill Reiner show you how a simple routine can make your day run smoother.
  • Inger Koppenhaver helps you to prepare for the coming avalanche of school papers and projects so that they don’t end up lying on counters or overwhelming the side of your refrigerator!
  • Do you ever wonder who learns more, the student or the teacher? Amanda van der Gulik’s article will encourage you to grow as a student, which will help you grow as a teacher.
  • Starting children on chores when they are young can sometimes feel like a never-ending teaching task. Let Rhonda Barfield’s reflections on raising her children with routines encourage you to stick with it!
  • Learning the fundamentals of money management is so very important, especially for teens heading off to college this time of year. Follow along as Pat Fenner shares her tips on teaching this needful lesson.

Molly Green Magazine July 2013

This month, Molly is all about beauty! With summer in full swing, we tend to have more time to enjoy the outdoors and slow down a bit. Part of that slow down can mean a bit more time to focus on our beauty routines. This does not have to be expensive! Let Molly Green show you how to enjoy beauty treatments on a budget!

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin, find out the best foods to eat to maintain a healthful glow, find out how to save on dental care, have fun yet frugal family summer adventures, and be ready to make a new fabric flowers to decorate your beautiful head of hair!

Look for all of these topics and many more-

  • July has some fun holidays! Alayna Cann reveals some tasty sounding holidays!
  • Patricia Hunter addresses a topic vital for all of us- being comfortable in our own skin. Start with this article before you move on in this issue!
  • Having some fun money can help to relieve that entitlement mentality. Amanda van der Gulik gives you some tips to help your children not fall into the entitled trap when it comes to money!
  • Did you know that your pantry is loaded with beauty treatments? It sure is! Molly shares how to pamper yourself from head to toe using products from your pantry and kitchen!
  • Julie Nott shows you how to spruce up your home on a budget with five super simple ideas!
  • Beauty starts from within. Rhonda Barfield shares the foods and drinks we should include in our diet to keep us beautiful from the inside out!
  • Rebecca Bostwick shares her frugal beauty basics, encouraging you in keeping your hair trimmed to simple uses for olive oil, clay, and even a banana!
  • In Something Old, Something New, Sharon White turns everyday items into decorative fabric flowers
  • Are you looking for some family fun this summer? Look no further than Julie Nott’s article this month sharing frugal family adventures!
  • Brenda Tate shares how to do your own manicure at home, saving money, but also spending some quality time with your daughter!
  • Rhonda Barfield shares her book review for 3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life.
  • Molly and Midge tell us how being frugal to live can equal being free to give.
  • This month’s Tip of the Month is all about using dental schools to save on this needful personal care. Read along as Rhonda Barfield shares her experience in using dental schools for her dental care.

Molly Green Magazine June 2013

Learn one of the best ways to save money—by doing repairs yourself! One of the basic tenets of being frugal is to not buy a replacement item when what you currently own is repairable. In this month’s issue of Molly Green Magazine, you’ll learn from others in what NOT to do, find tips on painting, how to save a meal that you think is ruined, and much more! Being confident in your approach to repairs is one key to your success. Let Molly and her team share their secrets with you this month!

  • June is National Dairy Month. Be sure to enjoy some dairy goodness with a bowl of ice cream on June 7th, which is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!
  • Being content with what you have, especially when it’s not the shiny new model, can be a challenge. Learn how to find joy in the frugal journey with Molly.
  • Join Rhonda Barfield as she shares the adventures of Ken, the fix-it man. Ken was a prominent fixture in the Civil War-era mansion that Rhonda shared with her family for a time.
  • Are you short on shelf space? It’s a common thing for us frugal homemakers to try to make do with what we have. Let Sharon White show you how to repurpose cardboard boxes with a craft knife and glue into a sturdy toy shelf!
  • Sometimes when you are faced with a repair a bit beyond your scope of knowledge, the best thing to keep in mind is that “The worst you can do is break it more.” Being a bit fix-it impaired, this mantra helped Rhonda Barfield overcome some of her trepidation at repairs.
  • What do you do with a dish that is too salty? How about a dish that’s too sweet? Rhonda Barfield reveals some easy, quick fixes for those little oops moments!
  • Sometimes the things that need fixing are not appliances, fixtures, or furniture, but a simple thing like makeup. Let Molly show you how to salvage a broken foundation cake or tube of lipstick.
  • When you purchase products, they normally come with some sort of warranty. If the item needs to be replaced before that warranty time has expired, would you know where to find the paperwork that is needed for the exchange or refund? If you follow Molly’s tips for a warranty/instruction binder, you’ll always have this needful information right at your fingertips!
  • Finally, Molly shares her top three painting tips with you. Learn how she minimizes clean up, keeps the paint can lid clean, and what she does with the leftover paint.

Molly Green Magazine May 2013

Spring is in the air and Molly is on the move! She’s donned her “mover” hat and is ready to provide tips and ideas for anyone “on the move”. With the end of the school year nearly here, vacations are on the minds of many families. Let Molly help you make those vacation plans. Are you planning a road trip? Maybe you’re planning to save some money and stick closer to home? Or maybe you’d like to try out couchsurfing? There are many different types of vacations and Molly has you covered for each of them! Or maybe you are making a move to a new home. We’ve got you covered there as well with tips and tricks to make that move as smooth as possible.

  • Alayna Cann helps you find ways to celebrate each day of May in a special way.
  • In Packing It In! Molly Green, shares tips to make your vacation away from home more enjoyable by learning to pack for comfort, but keep it simple!
  • If you’re flexible and open minded, let Lisa Strader show you what volunteer vacations are and how to get involved.
  • Learn how to eat on the go without losing your grip on the budget with Molly the Frugal Foodie: Frugal Travel Treats
  • Is it time to de-clutter? Let Molly help you discover one of the best defenses against the unpleasant task of moving.
  • Have you heard of Couchsurfiing? Lisa Strader will show you how to avoid paying for a roof over your head when you travel. Read on to see the benefits of couchsurfing and how to get started.
  • Sharon White shares another use for an old t-shirt. How about turning it into a water bottle holder?!
  • Frugal Family Fun: How to Vacation in Your Own Hometown – By Connie
  • Robertson helps when the budget just doesn’t allow for a road trip vacation. Learn how a staycation vacation can be just the ticket for a frugal, yet fun vacation!
  • We’ve all experienced tangled jewelry when packing it away for either a trip or a move. Let Molly show you how to keep your baubles and bangles untangled and damage free the next time you’re on the move.
  • Are you looking for a frugal way to help the miles speed by on your next trip? Molly’s Road Trip Binder is the just the ticket!
  • Maybe you’d like to take your Molly magazines and E-Books on your trip with you, but you’re not sure how to get those items onto your mobile device. If that’s the case, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on transferring them to your mobile device in this month’s issue.
  • Inger Koppenhaver shares her Do’s and Don’ts of Frugal Family Vacations. Read along as she shares her tips to help you keep on track with your budget, while still being flexible and open to new adventures.

Molly Green Magazine April 2013

Being the frugal person she is, Molly will be sure to get more wear out of her Easter bonnet during April, but more than likely you can catch her in a chef’s hat or a banker’s bill. This month she’s on a mission to save money on food and she’s taking her readers along for the ride.

Are you ever shocked by your grocery total? Disappointed at the quality your money buys? Overwhelmed with clipping coupons? Well, you’re not alone. Molly and friends are serving up ways to dull the shock, increase the quality, and make couponing a breeze.

Being the steward over the family food planning and budget is an important responsibility. By the time you’re finished reading this month’s issue of Molly, you’ll be armed with so many winning ideas, you’re sure to be proclaimed a foodie too!

  • Besides April Fool’s Day, see what other silly and sundry days will occur this month by checking out Alayna Cann’s calendar.
  • Americans waste an embarrassing amount of their food. To find out the percentage and learn how to be a better steward in your kitchen, read Molly’s Begin with the Basics segment.
  • How far is too far when it comes to cutting the food budget? Rhonda Barfield explains.
  • Transform ordinary lunches into healthy mid-day meals built with salads and rice. Miiko Gibson shows you how—complete with mouth-watering pics.
  • Did you know there’s a system for cooking? There’s actually three! Rhonda Barfield describes them—all you have to do is choose the right one for you.
  • Time to throw out your raggedy, stained, maybe even burned potholders? Sharon White shows you how to replace them. Wait till you see what she uses!
  • Are cookies a popular treat around your house? Always be ready to pop some in the oven with simple freezer dough instructions from Molly.
  • Did you know there are beauty secrets in your kitchen cabinets—or at least on the grocery shelves? Molly’s advice may surprise you.
  • Molly is a baby foodie too. Find out what new appliance she recommends. She has a good idea for a healthy family treat too.
  • Printables may be the solution to proper planning and a better budget. Molly shares multiple links.
  • Let technology help with the couponing madness. Molly says it will work for you.
  • Midge learns to use technology to track her spending and determine the best prices—Molly weighs in too.
  • Did you know there’s a high cost to cheap food? Get the scoop from Molly!
  • See what Ronald Reagan had to say about America’s dinner table in Molly’s Musings.

Molly Green Magazine March 2013

Spring is in sight and Molly is getting in the mood to party. This month, Molly “marches” around in her Party Planner hat sharing ideas for all kinds of celebrations that you might want to plan throughout the year. Not only will they be fun, they’ll be frugal too. Have a young child’s birthday party to plan? Forgo the inflatable this year and let Rhonda Barfield give you some alternatives that will save you money and won’t deny the kids of fun. What about your daughter’s wedding? You won’t go broke after reading about how two couples used bartering and creativity to save BIG!

Molly and friends can’t be beat when it comes to hospitality. Learn how to host from the heart and be the hostess everyone wants to model. Creativity oozes off of every page of this issue, so put your Party Planner hat on as we “march” into preparations for spring.

  • March is National Craft Month so get out your craft supplies, then check Alayna Cann’s calendar to find out what else you need to plan for this month.
  • Hosting a party or event is about more than the planning. Molly will fill you in on how to have a heart for hospitality.
  • The thought of a funeral usually conjures up sad emotions. Rhonda Barfield will help lessen the stress and plan a meaningful celebration.
  • Molly shares tasty ways to feed a crowd on a tight budget—really!
  • Don’t have a bank roll stashed away for your daughter’s wedding? Don’t worry. Rhonda Barfield and Dena Wood will ease the burden with their out-of-the-box tips.
  • Host a non-food, lots-of-fun gathering and escape the biggest expense! Molly knows how to do it.
  • Want to include gifts at your next party or gathering? Sharon White has some great ideas on affordable ways to make your guests feel special.
  • Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Use Rhonda Barfield’s affordable party ideas for your child’s next special day.
  • Want to spend a tranquil evening with friends? How about a spa party? Molly has a plan that won’t blow your budget.
  • You won’t believe how Molly creates her own serving dishes . . . it’s a sticky solution that works!
  • Like to be organized? Molly’s instructions for making a party-planning binder are just for you!
  • Etsy and artisans—Inger Koppenhaver shows you the ropes when it comes to selling your wares online!
  • What do duckies and diapers have in common? Molly and Midge tell you all about it.
  • Dena Wood shares how creativity can be classy and cute and cost-effective—even when it comes to planning a wedding!

Molly Green Magazine February 2013

The newness of the year is wearing away as we enter February. Now we’re faced with the remnants of our holiday spending as well as new expenses we may incur over the next eleven months—braces, glasses, family vacation, car repairs, illness, educational materials, and so on. The list seems to grow every year. Don’t tackle it alone or without a plan . . . Molly and friends are here to help!

Strategy and planning are key words this month as we’re given lots of information to consider with regard to our family’s health care. We will learn to improve our skills in the areas of finance, shopping, decorating, pets, and more. Want to get out of debt and stay out? The answer is not in the latest self-help book. Hint: It’s in a book you already have that is filled with truth and inspiration! If you’re curious, read further for more tidbits of what’s to come. Get a head start by allotting time on your busy calendar for reading the February issue of Molly Magazine. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Check Alayna Cann’s calendar first thing to see which day you should serve ice cream for breakfast and which day to cheer up your favorite grouch!
  • Molly will share what she has found to be the key to living debt free. You may be surprised to find it at your fingertips.
  • Living on a dime is closer to reality than you might think. Candy Foote provides five strategies that you can’t ignore.
  • Saving money is in the mix of this issue—Molly reveals how to stir it up!
  • Liven up those dead spaces in your home with tips from Molly.
  • Inger Koppenhaver shows the reality of debt-free living with real-life stories from a business owner and a hobby farmer, plus six tips to tap into for financial freedom.
  • Have a pet that could use a new bed? Don’t buy it—make it. Sharon White gives you step by step instructions using an old pair of jeans. Pictures provided.
  • Turn less into more with Molly’s stretching and cutting tips—from improving your bank statement to sparking family time imagination.
  • Ever used the word “affordable” in the same sentence with “doctor” or considered alternative health care? Now you can with Rhonda Barfield’s informative article.
  • Credit cards have you drowning in debt and losing sleep? Rhonda Barfield offers an approach you may want to consider.
  • Get smarter about using your smart phone with Molly’s shopping apps.
  • Did you enjoy part one of Rhonda Barfield’s article on health insurance alternatives last month? Then you won’t want to miss part two in February!
  • Molly and Midge share great advice on dealing with those everyday disasters that affect our finances.
  • Molly fans share their own tried and true tips on frugal living.

Molly Green Magazine January 2013

There’s something fresh and fun about hanging a new calendar on January 1 and clearing the slate of the past year—whether it’s been a good year or a not-so-good one—to start anew! Molly is always thinking forward about what she can do to improve in every aspect of her life. This year it is her goal to help each of you to be forward thinkers, too.

So what is a forward thinker? It’s someone who thinks ahead, considers lots of possibilities, and then plans accordingly. It’s a person who formulates strategies for success regardless of past history or future challenges. To initiate her readers into this forward-thinking mode, Molly’s filled the January 2013 pages of her magazine with brilliant information on family first aid, healthy eating, alternative health care, free prescriptions, family devotions, and so much more. There’s never been a better time to be a forward thinker than now, so join Molly as she puts on her forward-thinker hat and leads the way through 2013!

  • Use Alayna Cann’s calendar to plan all that you would like to celebrate this month during Celebrate Life Month. Buy a rubber ducky and a kazoo in preparation!
  • Be prepared for life’s little scuffs and serious emergencies with a well-stocked family first aid kit. Molly even provides a thorough checklist.
  • Quality medical care, medical bills, health insurance, and alternatives. Rhonda Barfield shares the important information she’s learned and lived.
  • Don’t know where to start with storing food for your family? No problem. Molly has all the tips and tricks to get you started on a successful journey of frugal food storage.
  • Is exercise on your resolution list this year? Learn how to make your own wrist and leg weights. You’ll be surprised how Sharon White does it!
  • Molly weighs in with helpful online finds for diet and exercise. Yes, Molly’s gone techy! And she’s thinking about eating her way to youthfulness. Check out her advice.
  • Read all about Molly’s strategies for finding “free” prescriptions. And for those that are not free, it’s still possible to save money. Rhonda Barfield tells how to do it.
  • Family devotions are an important part of your family’s life. Make them fun and do it frugally with ideas from Inger Koppenhaver that you’re sure to incorporate.
  • Meaningful gifts can be produced from learning how to make and use an affordable knitting loom—complete with detailed instructions and photos by Sharon White.
  • Do you find it difficult to find time alone with God? Patricia Hunter gives instructions on how to create space for being still with God.
  • Is paper clutter taking over your home? Molly found a simple answer and shares how to use it to organize the important paper in your life.
  • Everyone knows a backward thinker, right? Yes, even Molly. Can you guess who it is?
  • Find out why you need water in your diet from Sarah Dugger as she explains the benefits and the quantity your body needs.

Molly Green Magazine January 2012

Molly greets the new year with tips for frugal fitness!
Want to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle this year? This Money-Saving Digest features recipes, workouts, and other tips for the journey to fitness, whether you’re just starting out or have reached your goal and want to maintain it. But the Digest doesn’t stop there. You’ll find plenty of other advice to help you get the most out of your money and your time.

  • Break out of the winter doldrums with our flavorful Meal of the Month.
  • Teach your kids how to keep track of their money.
  • Keep your lips luscious this winter with homemade remedies.
  • Find out about a financial book that will inspire you.
  • Learn how to stretch the time between grocery shopping trips.

This issue’s special feature is:
Molly Saves! While Keeping Healthy and Fit

You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership to make your way to better health. Making small changes in your everyday habits and using items you have around the house can give you a frugal fresh start toward fitness. You’re busy with your family and your work, whether inside or outside the home, but making time for health is one of the most important things you can do for the people you love. This month’s Digest gives you a head-start on the road to a healthier body.

  • Find out everything you need to know about smoothies.
  • Learn where to look for frugal and fit recipes on the web.
  • Download patterns for making your own exercise clothes.
  • Let Eleanor Joyce inspire you to make some simple changes this year.
  • Discover some small ways to increase your activity every day.
  • Short on time? You can squeeze in this 12-minute workout.
  • Start a healthy new habit this month.
  • Get some great ideas for sneaking vegetables into your family’s food.

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