Dealing With Distractions

Dealing With Distractions

By Renata Finch “A goat’s in the orchard!” exclaimed my eight-year-old son. I sighed. This wasn’t the first interruption and I could see my carefully planned day dissipating into a hasty scramble to try to get anything achieved on my “to do” list. I once again sent the children out the door to chase these …

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The Whole Word Reading Method

By Ashley Allgood My oldest and youngest children really struggled with learning to read. I also struggled to read as a child and later was diagnosed with dyslexia. When my oldest was learning to read I tried so many different curriculums and each one failed. Our morning school lessons would almost always end in tears …

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A Crucial Crossroad

A Crucial Crossroad by Claire Novak There comes a time in every young person’s life when a crucial decision must be made—to pursue a college degree, or to circumvent traditional education? I’m not going to tell you which path is the best—I believe that’s a decision that should be made with a great deal of …

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Homeschool Preschool, And Why You Should Wait

Preschool Pressure or Peace?

Only by finding preschool peace can a homeschooling mom conserve her energy for the larger task of homeschooling her children for as many years as she needs to later on, maybe even through high school.

Election Lesson

Your children may be asking questions about how the election process works. Or maybe you are wondering yourself exactly how it works or how to explain it! See how much you and your kids know.