5 Best Dairy Goat Breeds For Milk Production

5 Best Dairy Goat Breeds For Milk Production

Dairy goats are easy animals to raise, plus they produce delicious milk. Goat milk is healthy for your family and selling goat milk is a decent income.  So, what are the 5 best dairy goats for milk production? Today, we are going to dig into some facts about dairy goats, their milk and the best …

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Best Mosquito Trap to Buy or DIY: 2019 Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Trap to Buy or DIY

One of the most obnoxious of outdoor nuisances is the mosquito. In damp areas or when night falls, it can quickly turn pleasant experiences into dreadful discomfort. Modern technology, however, has mitigated the threat of these dangerous pests with the development of the mosquito trap. Whether by heat, by light or by some other means, …

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Best Bushcraft Axe and Hatchet: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Bush Craft Axe Hatchet

An axe is a multi purpose tool for homesteading, backpacking, camping or bushcrafting. It is difficult to know which axe to choose, so I have done a bunch of research and drawn up a list of the best bushcraft axes and hatchets available. I’ve composed a thorough guide to show you exactly what to look …

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DIY Hydroponic Gardening

Very few things can give as much satisfaction as growing your own food, but unfortunately, not everyone has the advantage of owning a garden plot, field or homestead. Appropriate land can be difficult to come by, particularly in urban areas, which is one reason why so many people have turned to hydroponic gardening. With this …

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Animal Assisted Therapy: Can Your Animals Help Others?

Animal assisted therapy offers many benefits to wounded warriors, seniors and children with autism. Your animal may help others. It’s easy to get started by enrolling your pet into programs such as K9s for Warriors and Therapy Dogs International.

Homestead Bound, Our Journey Moving to the Missouri Ozarks

Uprooting your family can be difficult, but sometimes well worth the challenges that have yet to come. Read this article to find out why my family and I decided to move our own homestead to the Missouri Ozarks and how it has benefited us in our lives. Join us on our journey!

3 Big Benefits of Rotational Grazing For Goats

If you raise goats and aren’t realizing the benefits associated with rotational grazing then you need to read this article! Rotational grazing is absolutely essential for the wellness of your plant and your herd.

How to Make Wooden Signs and How to Stencil on Wood

Want to learn how to make stylish and fun wooden signs? In this article, we not only walk you through an easy, step-by-step process of how to make wooden signs, we teach you how to stencil on wood! Add that extra bit of flair to your garden or anywhere that could use some DIY inspiration!