A Crucial Crossroad

A Crucial Crossroad by Claire Novak There comes a time in every young person’s life when a crucial decision must be made—to pursue a college degree, or to circumvent traditional education? I’m not going to tell you which path is the best—I believe that’s a decision that should be made with a great deal of …

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Homeschool Preschool, And Why You Should Wait

Preschool Pressure or Peace?

Only by finding preschool peace can a homeschooling mom conserve her energy for the larger task of homeschooling her children for as many years as she needs to later on, maybe even through high school.

Blazing New Trails with Homeschooling

Like this homeschooling mom, traditional learning may not be the education plan that God has in mind for your family. Let her “inspire you to venture outside your front door and see where it leads.”

Our Calling in Life

As we prepare our children for life after homeschool, we want them to know that no matter what career path they choose, God will use them to touch the lives of others.