We want to assist you in your goal of reaching home-oriented people who rely on Molly Green for information, resources and products falling into four broad categories; homesteading, homekeeping, homeschooling, and homeindustry. There are three primary ways for you to reach Molly Green visitors; email, website and through social media. Send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Molly Green Email Inbox Marketing:

Inbox Marketing is a fantastic way to reach our audience, delivered right to their email box! With a very warm, interactive, and highly targeted list of email subscribers, these are advertising opportunities you won’t want to miss.

Delivery rates are high; our audience looks forward to our eNewsletter, and anticipates the special offers we provide via our dedicated eBlasts.


  • A growing list of over 27,000 warm and engaged subscribers.


Get your message out to our subscribers without any distractions with a dedicated eBlast. We’ll send your HTML-designed email by itself to our entire list so that you get maximum exposure and click throughs!

You provide the HTML for your E-Blast. See below for specs.

E-Blast Specs

  • HTML, maximum file width of 700 pixels
  • No maximum file size
  • All graphics and links are hosted on your website
  • Subject line you would like for us to use
  • $995 per E-Blast

Molly Green eNewsletter

We send our eNewsletter to our email list of over 30,000. Readers enjoy a full color, professionally designed, themed newsletter. Each issue is divided into our four targeted categories of homesteading, homekeeping, homeschooling, and homeindustry. All eNewsletter ads are full color images or text ads that are clickable straight to your website. Spaces are limited.

eNewsletter Advertising Spaces

  • Top Skyline Banner
  • $595
  • 728×90 pixels in .jpg format

Enhanced eNewsletter ad

  • $250
  • Placed within the body of the eNewsletter and targeted into one of our four HOME areas of your choice: Homesteading, Homekeeping, Homeschooling or Homeindustry.
  • 350×350 pixel graphic in .jpg format, URL, and 25 words of text.

Molly Green Website Advertising


Get your company, brand, and products on the Molly Green Website! Our website features a robust blog and more! We have an engaging, gorgeous home page and key content areas about Homesteading, Homekeeping, Homeschooling, and Homeindustry.

Visitors come from a variety of sources including search engines, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, emails, direct traffic, highly relevant inbound links, and more.

Nearly a third of our visitors are on mobile devices. Your ad will show on all devices no matter what the size due to our highly responsive website designed with YOU in mind.

Website Advertising Spaces

Home page featured ad.

  • $995 for one month.
  • We can create this large custom graphic for you or you can bring your own ad.

Targeted Ad

  • $295 for one month
  • A graphic in .jpg format will show in the right sidebar in a targeted category of your choice. Choose from Homesteading, Homekeeping, Homeschooling, or Homeindustry.

Site-wide Banner— Excluding Home Page

  • $395 for one month
  • Nearly site wide. (It does not display on a handful of pages.)
  • A 728 x 90 pixel graphic in .jpg format that displays on rotation on the bottom of nearly every page of our website.

Molly Green Social Media:

You know how important it is to leverage social media. It’s crucial to reach people where they are. Through our social media channels we bring you directly to our highly targeted audience. Our expert staff members keep our followers engaged as they interact with people in real time. We approach social media with a deliberate strategy, and we invite you to become part of the valuable content we offer on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Social media engagement rates:

  • Facebook Post, $195
  • Pinterest Pin, $195
  • Instagram, $195
  • Twitter Post, $45
  • Social Media Package of all four of the above. $395

Ad Components: Your 50 (or less) words of text, graphic or logo, and URL. Graphic must be no smaller than 400 x 400 pixels and no larger than 800 x 800 pixels.