WAHM Gifts! The Top 25 BEST GIFTS for Work-At-Home Moms

WAHM Gifts! 25 best gifts for the work at home mom

Do you know someone who is a WAHM (work-at-home mom)? Maybe you’re struggling with what to buy them for special occasions or birthdays. Never fear, Molly Green is here with our handpicked list of the 25 best gifts for the work-at-home mom!

25 Best Gifts For Any WAHM

  1. Every Day I’m Hustlin’ Mug Gift Box…remind that WAHM to work hard!
  2. Lap Desk with USB Light…it’s amazing how much a light can help.
  3. Kindle Fire…feeling generous? Get them a new tablet!
  4. Portable Battery Pack…never let them run out of power again!
  5. Canon Power Shot Camera…if they have their own business, they need a good camera!
  6. Cellphone Camera Lense…don’t want to spend a lot on a camera? Turn their phone into one instead!
  7. Tools4Wisdom Planner…staying organized is key for any WAHM, after all.
  8. 8 port USB Charger…charge multiple devices at once.
  9. Tablet Stand…this is incredibly useful.
  10. Bluetooth Headset…do they talk on the phone a lot while working at home? Give them the gift of being hands-free!
  11. Turquoise Keurig…because it adds some style! (they have other colors, too!)
  12. Heated Massaging Chair Pad…oh yes!
  13. Bluetooth Speaker…we all need some music while we work.
  14. Set of 3 Wildflower Scented Candles…these are just adorable.
  15. Bath Gift Set…every WAHM needs the gift of a spa day!
  16. Paper Holder…no more papers scattered everywhere!
  17. Desk Organizer…keep your pens and clips all in the proper spot.
  18. Dry Erase Board Calendar and Cork Board Combo…this is great to use with a planner!
  19. Double File Wire Paper Holder For The Wall…don’t have a lot of space on the desk? Take it to the wall!
  20. Amazon Echo…have the latest technology!
  21. Desk Lamp…the gift of light is a wonderful thing!
  22. Extra Large Fancy Computer Mouse…oooh fancy!
  23. Laptop Sleeve…maybe they travel a lot? Make sure their laptop stays safe!
  24. Label Maker…labels are awesome.
  25. Watkins Skin Care Set…don’t let them forget to take care of themselves!

25 best gifts for the work at home mom

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