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Just Who or What is Molly Green?

Molly-Cameo-fadedSeveral years ago, Molly Green’s Econobusters started up with the dream of providing tips on frugal living, delicious and inexpensive recipes, and encouragement through the journey of parenting.

That hasn’t changed, but as we’ve grown, we’ve identified new opportunities to expand and provide even more support to our long-time readers and new friends. As such, men too have come to appreciate Molly Green Magazine and all it has to offer, including info on hunting, gun safety, off-grid living, animal care, and gardening. MollyGreen.com has quickly become the trade magazine for small business owners and family-oriented, HOME-minded people everywhere, worldwide.

We want to assist you in your goal of crafting a home-oriented lifestyle by focusing on all things homesteading, homekeeping, homeschooling, and homeindustry.

MollyGreen.com has articles to help you make the most of your homestead—whether on your hundred-acre spread or containers on your back patio—from gardening to beekeeping to raising goats or meat rabbits. We have new columns on developing a whole foods lifestyle (even a gluten- and dairy-free lifestyle) and ways to make the most of mealtime with your family.

We know you want to provide natural and more cost-effective alternatives to cleaners and personal care products, so we offer information on essential oils, herbs, and the healing power of foods. We also know your family wants to live cleaner and more efficiently. The stories here offer tips to do just that.

We have experts sharing their secrets for you and your kids using real-life experience, reviews of curriculum, and encouragement for those less-than-perfect days (and don’t we all have those?). As a member of MollyGreen.com community, you are joining something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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