The Benefits of Canning and Preserving Food

Interested in the benefits of canning and preserving food? In this article, author Renata Finch shows us how home canning can save money, keep healthy foods on the table, and bring the family together. Find out how!

What Is Clean Eating and How Do I Get Started?

What Is Clean Eating// Molly Green Magazine

By Lisa Holcomb You have probably heard the buzz words “clean eating.” Clean eating recipes are everywhere. Blogs, Pinterest, recipe planning sites, and even whole cookbooks are dedicated to just clean eating recipes. What’s the big deal and what is clean eating? Clean eating means replacing processed foods with fresh and natural foods—foods that have …

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Tiny Kitchen? No Problem

Tiny Kitchen. No Problem!

By Ashley Allgood I love my home but have always been a bit frustrated with our tiny kitchen. I hardly have any counter space and my main area of preparing meals had always been on our stove top, which is flat. My only other choice was on top of the counter directly over the dishwasher, …

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How to Make Homemade Pie

Debbie graciously offered to share her recipe for a single pie crust (which is almost exactly what most cookbooks recommend), as well as a few tips that are important for achieving a tender, flakey crust.

Recipes For Healthy Living

We all want to be healthier because we all know that as good stewards of our health it is our responsibility. Sometimes though it can be more difficult to make important changes to your eating habits. They are called habits for a reason! But when you do find a way to make these vital changes, it is easier if you have some guidance. For me, that means I need recipes