Please email article queries to Submissions@MollyGreen.com. Include the words “ARTICLE IDEA” in the subject line.

We are looking for writers on all things HOMEsteading, HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, and especially HOMEindustry. Please review our online articles http://mollygreen.com/mollyblog to get a feel for our style and the types of articles we are interested in.

Articles should be seasonally appropriate and submitted at least two or three months before hoped-for publication date. Articles about planting, caring for young animals, and making it through the end of the school year will appear in spring months. In the fall you will find articles on preserving food, hunting, starting your homeschool year, etc. At any time we would like articles on starting or managing a home-based business and running a home successfully. Crafting, DIY projects, being prepared for the future, and caring for the HOMEstead are all appropriate topics at any time.

Online articles (500-1000 words) and eNewsletter (400-600 words) articles are due at least two to three months before posting. We also request an author bio at the end of the article (about 40 words). A writer may include a blog or website address if they have one and pictures (taken by the author). Writers of our Molly Green Bite-Sized Guides (8,000-12,000 words) receive a full page ad in the back of the guide, which is distributed to all Molly Green members.

In addition to wide exposure to our Molly Green audience, we are offering a free MollyGreen.com membership to anyone who contributes consistently. Compensation for our regular well-known columnists is negotiated. Writers may also have the opportunity to promote their businesses via their author bio or in other ways.

Please use the form below to submit your writing samples or article ideas.




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