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Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Successful Summer Grilling

Don’t let the summer escape without trying some of these down-home, old-fashioned recipes like grandma used to make … and some newbies! From Southern Sweet Peach Iced Tea to Jerk Marinated BBQ Chicken to Grilled Pineapple Sundaes, you’ll find something to please every tastebud in your household!

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: The Art of Cheesemaking

This guide teaches you step-by-step how to make a beautiful wheel of Gouda cheese. You will learn exactly what ingredients and equipment you need.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: An Urban Migration to the Country

Learn how and why Patrice Lewis moved from the city to start a homesteading lifestyle, first in Oregon and then in Idaho. She continues her self sufficiency and rural revolution to this day.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Quilting For Beginners

Learn step-by-step how to make a quilt. Everything from what supplies you will need to buying fabric to cutting blocks and proper storage.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Pet Care at Home

Keep your pets and farm animals happy and healthy with this 41-page eBook!
Product Description:

  • Veterinary Care at Home
  • Healthy Pet Food
  • Rescue Animals
  • Pet Visits to the ER
  • Animal First Aid for Dogs and Cats
  • Animal First Aid for Livestock
  • Pet Insurance
  • Homemade Fly Spray
  • Lavender Vanilla Coop Spray
  • Homemade Dog Treats
  • Make a Healthier Meal for Your Dog

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: A Crafting Business: Industry at Home

Crafters are an unusual breed whose creativity is often stifled by the demands of their nine-to-five job. Turning a craft into a business means freeing that creative spirit. It means experimenting with new techniques and new ways of self-expression. It means releasing the artist within. Picture the following: you make a craft in your home workshop. You sell your product and make enough money to support your family, or at least supplement your income. You can ditch the commute and stroll across the driveway to your shop each day, smelling the fresh air and hearing the birds sing. You see your kids as much as you want. You have time to take the dog for a walk after lunch. Is this mere fantasy? And can this fantasy become reality? Yes and no. Find out more from successful home entrepreneur Patrice Lewis in this 22-page eBook.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Wedding Cakes Homemade and Gorgeous

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Wedding Cakes Homemade and Gorgeous
You CAN have a gorgeous and homemade wedding cake while saving tons of money with this 36-page eBook!

Product Description:

  • Perfect cake and frosting recipes, including ganache
  • Assembling and icing cake
  • Cake decorating tips
  • Stacking cakes
  • Themed cakes
  • Transporting
  • Cutting cakes

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Homemade Clean: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Learn how vinegar is great for skin and hair including treatments for dandruff, oily hair, dry hair, and golden highlights. Discover the scrubbing power of baking soda, when to use it as a fruit and veggie wash, baking soda home remedies, and beautifying treatments.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Bountiful Blueberries: From the Garden to the Kitchen

Are you interested in growing blueberries on your homestead? Learn everything you need to know from planting to pruning to preserving!

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Using & Caring for Your Firearms: A Homesteader’s Handbook

Learn how to properly use and care for your firearms!

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Marketing for Home-Based Business Success

After you’ve started your home-based business, learn how to market it! Try these tips to streamline your efforts and promote your business.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Self-Publishing Your Book: Pursuing a Dream

AK Fielding shares tips and inspiration for self-publishing your own book. From branding your publishing company to promoting it, she shares her experiences from self-publishing her own books.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Venison: From the Field to the Freezer

Processing a deer, although time consuming, is not difficult. Meredith Duke walks you through each step of processing a deer once it has been harvested and dressed. Learn how to de-bone the venison, remove the lining and connective tissue, trim it into various cuts, and package it for the freezer. Bonus sections include recipes for sausage and canning.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Holiday Cooking – A Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Celebration

If you want gluten-free/dairy-free recipes for your holiday table, try these delicious holiday treats! New favorites like zuppa toscana and old standbys like corn casserole are presented in a gorgeous, detailed Bite-Sized Guide. Include your whole family in the celebration, no matter what food sensitivities someone may have! 51 pages.

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Beekeeping 101 – Everything a Beginner Needs to Know

Learning to be a beekeeper is made even easier with James Duke’s Bite-Size Guide on Beekeeping 101. This guide will show you:

• Equipment needed to start a hive
• Setting up your first hive
• Managing the hive through the different seasons
• Recipes for using honey and/or beeswax
• Products to be made using honey and beeswax

And much more!!

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Building a Sustainable, Ever-Green Food Plan

Growing a garden is not just for those in the country. Learn great tips and how to grow your own green food supply from Rose Gardener’s Bite-Size Guide, Building a Sustainable, Ever-Green Food Plot. This guide will show you:

• Why you need a sustainable food system
• The options available in food plans
• The dangers of some of the popular food systems that are being sold
• The best answer to your problems
• How much time you have and what you need to do now
• Costs and equipment needed
• How and where to store equipment
• Why this is such a great investment

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Simple Slow Cooker Meals

Jan Hatchett shares the tasty and simple go-to recipes her sons have used for successful meal prepping at home in “Simple Slow Cooker Meals.”

  • Help your kids gain confidence as they learn easy slow-cooker meals to put together
  • Free up some of your time as your children become greater contributors to a functioning household.
  • Try out these delicious meals yourself when you’re out of supper ideas!

This eBook provides you with 20 simple slow-cooker recipes to start your children on the path to independent meal preparation!

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: HOMEschooling Outside of the Box

Product Description:
School is just around the corner! Homesechooling mother of five Pat Fenner provides some fantastic ideas and resources for “HOMEschooling Outside of the Box.”

  • Learning Outside of the Box
  • What Does the Box Look Like
  • Establish Your Child’s Learning Style
  • Top 15 Out-of-the-Box Learning Activities
  • Can you Learn Outside the Box Through High School?
  • Lego Education
  • Plenty More!

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: Unlock a Treasure in Your Home: Family Read-Aloud Time

Sharla Orren offers encouragement and tips for starting family read-aloud time in your home with “Unlock a Treasure in Your Home: Family Read-Aloud Time”.

  • Benefits of Family Read-Aloud Time for All Ages
  • Making Reading Aloud a Part of Each Day
  • Bringing the Pages to Life
  • 25 of Our Family’s Favorite Books
  • Recipes
  • And more!

This eBook will delight you with stories of family read-aloud time and inspire you with the value of reading together for all ages–from unborn children to adults.

Don’t miss out on this enjoyable Guide to strengthening your family bond through reading!

Molly Green Bite-Sized Guide: So you want to start a business?

Congratulations on your decision to begin a home business! This eBook by Jeff Quigley will help you decide which direction to take your home-based business and will help fine-tune your path to success! Sections include:
* How to Play to Your Strengths
* Learn the Lessons of Your History
* Decide on the Right Product for You
* Four Keys to a Successful Home-Based Business
* Tons of Ideas for Your Home-Based Business!