Can Your Animals Help Others?

By Rosemarie Pagano I can’t resist petting a friendly dog. Hugging a donkey? Oh, yeah, count me in. People of all ages and cultures have benefited from interactions with animals. Of course, we’re all aware of how guide dogs can assist the blind, but did you know that children with special needs or allergies, recovering …

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Raising Spring Chicks

By Lisa Steele Before you succumb to temptation and bring home some peeping balls of yellow fluff from the feed store, be sure you know what raising baby chicks entails. THEY NEED A SAFE HOME Set up your chicks in a plastic tote or cardboard box with a screen on top to keep them safe …

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Treating Bees with Essential Oils

Beehives can face various risks. Instead of using chemical treatments which can be stored in the wax, try choosing a natural option—essential oils.

How to Make Horse Rope Reins

Have you considered making your own rope reins at some point? Jan Hatchett gives step-by-step instructions on how to create these.

A Deed Most Fowl

Chickens were dropping one by one. Could the innocent-looking dame be the murderess?