Bumblefoot Chicken Symptoms and How to Treat Bumblefoot

Are your chickens suffering from bumblefoot? In this article, author Meredith Duke will walk you through exactly how to identify bumblefoot chicken symptoms and how to treat bumblefoot. This is one every novice chicken farmer should know!

Sun Oven Fun! Making Your Own DIY Solar Oven

Want to create your very own solar oven? In this article, we show to step-by-step how to make your own DIY sun oven from scratch using common household materials! This is a great project that the kids will love. Read on and start baking!

Goat Milk, Dairy Goats, and Your Sustainable Food Supply

Dairy Goats

Want to learn how dairy goats could be your key to a sustainable food supply? In this article, we cover everything you need to know about goat milk, from dairy goat breeds, to goat milking stands, buck goats, and how to care for goats. Learn more!

Deer Processing 301: How to Make Venison Sausage Recipes

The beauty of processing your own venison is that you determine what type of sausage your family will like. We make breakfast sausage, but this year we tried three different recipes (Italian sausage, farmer’s sausage, and breakfast sausage).

Deer Processing 201: Cleaning and Processing Venison Meat

We hunt to feed our family. We are trying to live self-sustainably and that means hunting for our own meat. There’s a process we follow to put fresh meat in the freezer. Learn how to carefully and correctly cut and package the deer meat.

Raising Meat Rabbits

Learn how and why raising meat rabbits is healthy, easy and affordable by someone who has been raising rabbits for meat for years. Learn the best meat rabbit breeds too.

Urban Gardening Tips and Ideas

Ever think of growing your own garden? You don’t need a large piece of land to get started, and gardening is proven to have health benefits such as stress relief and relaxation. So, why not take the plunge and try urban gardening?