I am Molly Green

Have you ever wondered what does Molly Green do? Well our members shared fun action snapshots of HOMEsteading, HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, or HOMEindustry activities in our “I am Molly Green” promotion. Enjoy!

These are the instructions we gave our members: You’ve been working hard around your homestead all summer. Show us the “Fruits of Your Labor!” Are you canning a huge harvest of tomatoes? Baking up a zillion zucchini breads? Shucking endless ears of corn with the kids? Spinning the wool from your own sheep? Have someone take your picture and share it with us! We want to see the results of all your efforts and celebrate with you! Please note that when you submit your photo, you are granting Molly Green, LLC, the right to use the image without attribution or compensation. You will still have the right to use the original image, but we also may edit it, add a caption, and our logo, etc. We may feature your “I am Molly Green” photo on our website, Facebook, Pinterest, or even in Molly Green Magazine!