Mission Statement

Drawing on wisdom from the past and embracing opportunities in the present, Molly Green Magazine’s mission is to provide resources that foster independence, simplicity, and community through a focus on all things HOMEsteading, HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, and HOMEindustry.

In HOMEsteading, we encourage readers to prepare for the future by developing their skills in hunting, animal husbandry, organic gardening, self defense, and alternative energy/housing.

In HOMEkeeping, we inspire individuals to stock their pantries with whole foods, preserve their garden surplus, develop old-fashioned skills well known by our pioneer ancestors, focus on healthy lifestyles, and learn contentment with the present as they plan for the days to come.

In HOMEschooling, we equip parents to look outside the box and beyond the typical classroom for opportunities to educate their children in woodworking, homesteading skills, entrepreneurship, and the traditional “school” subjects, but in unconventional ways that meet the needs of their own unique families.

In HOMEindustry, we motivate families to take the leap into the entrepreneurial life with stories of those who’ve done it, their struggles, achievements, and lessons learned. We provide information on how to choose a business, developing marketing strategies, branding, and all the many aspects of becoming a successful home business owner.