Living Our Dream: At Home in a Tractor Shed

By Jenn Dana

Alternative homes have been on the scene for a while now—straw bale, cob, shipping containers—but have you considered transforming a tractor shed into a home?

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Dairy Goats: The Sustainable Food Supply

If you are looking to go beyond the average “food storage” and move into “sustainable food supply” realm, goats may be just what you’re looking for!

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The Dangers of Armchair Preparedness

Too many people think homesteading—especially homesteading under survival conditions—will be a snap.  This is dangerous thinking. Dangerous and foolish.

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Can Your Animals Help Others?

By Rosemarie Pagano I can’t resist petting a friendly dog. Hugging a donkey? Oh, yeah, count me in. People of all ages and cultures have benefited from interactions with animals. Of course, we’re all aware of how guide dogs can assist the blind, but did you know that...

Moving from City to Country

By Michelle Shall Life changes happen to everyone. Sometimes, we are struck by them unexpectedly—a close family member dies, a job is transferred to a different state, or we inherit money. Other times, we cause the changes and have to prepare ourselves for the slew of...

Why Doesn’t My Child Like Homesteading?

By Kenzi Knapp Would your little girl on the prairie rather be listening to music than milking the cows? Is it possible for a farmer boy to dislike farming? While most children enjoy the homesteading experience, some do not. Like adults, children’s perspectives can...

Benefits of Rotational Grazing For Goats

By Kenzi Knapp When we launched into dairy goats with our two Lamancha does, we naively expected them to be content with our well-shaded, two-acre yard. You guessed it! By summer’s end our ladies made it clear that grass was great, but our many trees fit their...

Garden With Flair

By Carole West Gardening with flair begins by expressing our creativity. In my new book, Startle Garden I have an entire chapter dedicated to adding garden flair and it was probably the most fun to write because it’s where inspiration comes to life! Don’t get me...

Teach Your Children to Organize Their Paperwork

By Jennifer Sikora Raising teenagers to be organized individuals can be a very daunting task. That is why one school year, my husband and I decided that our children needed some good, old-fashioned training in the forgotten art of organizing. I guess my determination...

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