Tapping Maple Trees Starter Kit Product Review

Interested in tapping maple trees and making your own maple syrup? A maple tree sugaring starter kit is the perfect place to start! In this article, we review the Starter Kit from Tap My Trees so you can be sure your investment is money well spent. Read on to start tapping!

Deer Hunting with Dad—A Thanksgiving Tradition

I love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means it’s hunting season again, and it’s time to return home to South Dakota. It’s a time to be with family, and especially with my father, because he and I will be deer hunting.

Homesteading in Alaska

Learn what homesteading in Alaska is like through a first person account of an Alaskan who is living the homesteading dream. Discover two ways you can start your Alaska homestead today!

Hobby Greenhouse Growing and Enjoying a Winter Harvest!

Want to find out how we brought in a single carrot that weighed more than 1-1/4 pounds during the middle of the winter? In this article, we cover the basics of setting up your own hobby greenhouse, so you can start enjoying cold-weather veggies well into the winter. Start preparing for your own winter harvest now!