5 Tips to Finding and Keeping Customers

By AK Fielding

Everyone who owns a business wants to know the secret to finding buyers—not only buyers, but returning buyers … you know, the people who come back to buy more of your products and bring along others with them to do the same. If you are looking for an easy fix, you are reading the wrong article. When it comes to finding loyal customers, there is no quick-fix scheme. You must work on finding customers each day with an intentional purpose. Here are five things to try:

  1. Work on your product until it is perfected (or is at least close to perfection) before offering it to the world. It may mean that you have to stall the “launch” of your business, but better to take things slow and have a clear, well-defined product that provides value than a sloppy and vague ill-designed concept that will fail.
  1. Find a niche that you can serve with your product. You will not be able to reach everyone, but you can offer your products to a specific, targeted, interested audience that is willing and able to buy from you. These people are your potential buyers and should be the focus of your undivided attention.
  1. Work on building relationships with potential buyers instead of trying to sell your product from the moment you meet. Offer them helpful and valuable information and insight so they keep coming back to you for more. Once you have established yourself as a person who is insightful and trustworthy, they will be more interested in purchasing your products.
  1. Collaborate with other like-minded professionals. Look for opportunities where you can work with other businesses that may benefit from your product. These could be businesses in your field, or other businesses that require your product. If you are able to provide them with goods and services of value, you may be able to convert them to buyers or get leads to potential buyers.
  1. Ask for help. Ask your past customers for testimonials. If you provided them with quality products and worked on building real relationships, most people will be happy to give you their recommendation. These testimonials help in building your reputation and provide the basis of your trustworthiness for future customers.

Above all, remember to be patient. It takes time to grow a business and make it successful. If you are excited about your product, that’s great! Just remember to make every effort to present a top-quality product to your potential buyers. Don’t be in a rush to sell, but work on developing long-lasting relationships with your customers. Do try to be pro-active and look for opportunities to collaborate with other professionals. Don’t let the lack of a quick sale make you quit or worse, become sleazy. Be consistent with your efforts each day and you shall find your faithful buyers.
AK Fielding is a historian, artist, writer, illustrator, and homeschool educator. Her articles on American history have appeared in the Journal of the American Revolution, Illinois Heritage Magazine, Hoosier Heritage Magazine, and her blog. Her art has appeared in galleries and national and international publications. For more information about her art and books on American history, please visit: http://trehanstreasures.com/.

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