Creating Home Organization“Stations”

Creating Home Organization Stations

Home organization is all about finding personal systems that work for you and your household.Creating useful “stations” is an organizationalstep that can be adapted for any family.Setting up stations with needed items in your home for the various activities you have is a great way to streamline getting ready, getting out the door, and carrying out your to-do list without searching for things you need.Here are some ideas:

Family launch pad: Every familyneeds a launch pad near the door where you come and go from.Here’s what to gather for your launch pad:

  • Coats/hats/gloves/scarves
  • Shoes
  • A basket of extra socks in case someone forgot to put them on in the morning
  • Backpacks
  • Sports bags and equipment
  • Key hook for your keys

It’s also a good idea to hang a bulletin board here.Print off a calendar, write in activities, and hang it on the board.Post reminders, sports schedules, etc., here for yourself and your kids.Keep things there that will make getting out the door easier.

Breakfast Bar: This meal can be a hectic one.Keep your bread, butter, peanut butter, oatmeal packs, butter knives, breakfast plates, bowls, and cereal all near your toaster.This will cut down on walking all over your kitchen to find things.
Coffee Spot: Being a total coffee lover, I think this is a perfect idea to start the day right.

  • Place your coffee station near your sink for easy water access.
  • Place coffee in a pretty jar with a little scoop next to your coffee pot.
  • If you take sugar in your coffee, put that here as well.
  • Coffee mug holders can be really fun to display your favorite mugs.
  • Fill a glass jar with cocoa mix and keep that here as well (for your kids or yourself).
  • If you are a tea drinker, keep your tea bags here.

Homework/Study Corner: Having a quiet place to study will remove all excuses for not doing homework…well, maybe not all excuses, but it will help.If your child has a desk in herroom, you can create a homework study corner there.If not, use a small table to set up what is needed.

  • Sticky notes
  • Pencils and pencil sharpener
  • Paper and paper clips
  • Ruler
  • Flash cards
  • A calculator for older children
  • Dictionary

These are all things your child might need to successfully complete homework.If your child is constantly getting up to grab things, he will get distracted more easily.Having everything right there for him in his station will make it easier for him to finish faster.

Art Space: Doing art together is always a fun choice, but getting to the actual project might take too long if your supplies are spread out all over the house.Designate a kitchen cabinet or a shelf to keep papers, paints, glue, and markers for art projects.Having a station like this will encourage your little artist to go create.It will also help you in the long run.If your child is bored and needing to find something to do, send herto the art station!

Reading Nook: If you have an underused closet or even a corner that’s open, create a reading nook.Your kids will love a place they can go cuddle up and read.Have a shelf there with all their favorite books.Make sure there’s plenty of light.Add comfy pillows and blankets or a chair they can snuggle in.Keep a small basket with bookmarks too.

Creating stations in your home will save you time and the frustration of having to gather materials to do your next task.Focus on grouping “like things” together.Have fun creating stations in your home!

Alicia is called “Mama” by four kiddos. They have been homeschooling for nine years.History and good literature are their favorite subjects. Alicia can be found blogging on her corner of the Web, “Investing Love,” at

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