Fabulous Family Gifts

Gift giving is just one way to bless someone and let them know just how much they mean to you. Using a little creativity and imagination can go a long way to show that special person just how much you care (without breaking your budget). Giving a family gift instead of many personal gifts is one way to show your ingenuity for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.
To begin, think about themes and things you know that family might enjoy. If you know they enjoy watching movies together, you might create a movie basket with microwave popcorn, small bags of candy, a few cans of soda and a family movie (or gift certificate to a movie rental store). Another example might include putting together a picnic-type basket if you know the family enjoys the outdoors and spend a lot of time hiking, etc. A picnic style basket might include things like throw away dishes, silverware, napkins, a gift certificate to your local sub sandwich shop and a bag of homemade cookies. A family that has children in summer time sports may really enjoy a sports or after- practice basket. You might include small snacks, sports drinks, water bottles and small toys/activities to keep younger siblings busy while the older kids attend practice.
A family that just welcomed a new baby might be presented with a small laundry basket containing a few baby items as well as coloring books, bubbles, sidewalk chalk or other small toys for siblings (dollar stores are great places to find little trinkets at a discounted price). Sometimes older siblings can feel left out when a new baby arrives as all the excitement is focused on the baby, gifts are brought for the baby, etc. Older siblings will appreciate the smallest gesture toward making them feel special too.
Giving a gift of homemade goodies might be a nice treat to an elderly couple. Fill a basket or other small container with some cookies, bars or other type of dessert. Children enjoy creating things so homemade cards are a perfect way to showcase their artistic talent! Grandparents might also enjoy this type of basket along with a small framed photo of their grandchildren.
Gifts can be gathered and given in just about any type of container. Large baskets can usually be found at your local thrift store, dollar stores have different types of containers such as small tubs, decorative containers or gift bags. You could also repurpose containers from around the house depending on the type of gift you are giving. A decorated oatmeal container or a small box wrapped with wrapping paper are two easy alternatives to purchasing a basket or gift bag. Whatever the occasion, a family gift is sure to please the recipient. A little imagination will go a long way and your thoughtfulness will surely shine through.

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