Homeschooling Around the World: Indonesia

By Jenny Stephenson
“Homeschooling Around the World” has been such a fun blog column to write and this month I have some super exciting news to share with you! As you know, we’ve been studying different countries as a family; learning about culture, history, and missionaries of the past; discovering present ministries happening in each country; and adding in some fun recipes and crafts that relate to each country. This month we’re focusing on Indonesia, and I have a wonderful resource for your family.
I just returned from the Christian WorldView Film Festival in San Antonio last week. My family had a great time serving and being a part of this ministry. If you’ve never heard of the Christian WorldView Film Festival check it out and be there next year! As a family we were able to watch some great movies like the new Lego movie called Bound and a great documentary called One Generation Away. However, the most exciting thing I viewed was a sneak peak of a new eight-part DVD series from Answers in Genesis called The Wild Brothers. The Wilds are missionaries in the mountains of Papua, Indonesia. The DVD, which will be available in April, follows the four Wild brothers through life as missionary kids in Indonesia.
And here is why I’m so excited—these are real life, touchable heroes of our faith that my kids can watch live out what life as a missionary looks like. This is so much more than reading a book about missionaries to my children. It’s a visual, emotional explosion of real life. The Wild brothers are also super funny and entertaining and all my kids, ages 5 to 12, enjoyed the movie!
Here is my challenge to you this month. Buy the DVD The Wild Brothers. If you dig into Indonesia and all that the Wild family experiences, it will only make the DVD even more amazing. Head to an Indonesian restaurant or, better yet, make an Indonesian dish at home. My family made an Indonesian coleslaw recipe and it was delicious—cilantro, garlic, cabbage, and cucumbers—YUM!
There are also some great short videos on the Answers in Genesis website about The Wild Brothers and specifically a video about homeschooling and science in Indonesia. This video sent my kids on a wild hunt for bugs on our property for hours! They started collecting bugs and classifying them. It’s a great video to watch and can get you digging into bug and butterfly collecting too.
Another great part about buying the Wild Brothers’ DVD is that you can support the Wild Family. The Wilds are a family you can pray for, “like” on Facebook, watch, and support. We are living in such an amazing age where missionaries are touchable and the new Wild Brothers’ DVD from Answers in Genesis is a great resource for our families to learn more about the world around us; about another country; what God is doing in a homeschool family; about present day mission work; and how our Savior is still using normal, everyday families to reach the lost. Check it out today!
Jenny Stephenson lives in Wimberley, Texas, with her husband, Ben, and five children, ages 12, 9, 8, 6, and 5. Ben and Jenny adopted two of their children and have a heart for missions and adoption. Jenny enjoys blogging about adoption, homeschooling, and family life. Check out Jenny’s blog at

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