Homemade Essential Oil Spray: 6 Recipes for Health & Happiness

Homemade Essential Oil Spray recipes
By Ashley Allgood
I discovered homemade essential oil spray about a year and a half ago, and I can’t tell you how amazing the recipes continue to turn out.

Essential oils are concentrated liquid plant extracts. They are called “essential” because they are the essence of a plant, which includes the aroma property. There are many essential oil companies out there so please do your research carefully when using oils for your health and your family’s health. Many oils are created for aroma-use only and these oils could be dangerous to use topically or internally. Our family uses only Young Living essential oils. After a lot of research, I felt this was the best company for our family.

Why Make Homemade Essential Oil Spray?

Commercial sprays can contain dangerous chemicals. I’ve always been sensitive to chemicals and when I’m around them, I get a migraine and feel sick. Commercial sprays also contain cheap synthetic chemicals that mimic aromas. This is done because it is cheap. I don’t know about you, but I don’t my family breathing in chemicals.

Homemade essential oil sprays are typically about 2oz in size, include distilled water or witch hazel and the essential oils of your choice. There are many different essential oil recipes out there, but below are some simple recipes you can create with just a few ingredients. A glass bottle is needed for any oils that contain any citrus essential oils. You can use a plastic one for others. Pick up these plastic spray bottles from your local Walmart in the section that sells travel-size items such as shampoos and soaps.

Unless otherwise noted for each recipe, follow these instructions – Fill the bottle 3/4th full with distilled water, add 1/4th witch hazel & 4 drops of essential oil. Shake well before use. If you can’t smell the scent after you spray, add a few more drops of oil to the bottle, shake well then try again.

Monster spray/ Bedtime spray for kids/Linen spray

This one is a favorite of ours. All you need is a small 2oz spray bottle, glitter (for monster spray), lavender essential oil and distilled water. You can spray this on your child’s pillow before they go to sleep. If your child is scared of monsters, you can spray this to keep the monster away. You can also spray this on your clothes or linens. I have sprayed it onto our drier when it is mid cycle. It’s a great way to freshen up your laundry especially towels.

Peppermint Essential Oil Spray

Peppermint essential oil is wonderful and great for so many things. We use this spray for killing bugs around the house. Ants and spiders do not like peppermint. We also use it around our Christmas tree to keep the cats off it. Peppermint is great for cooling in the summer time or for hot flashes. Just spray it on the back of your neck and you will feel a nice cooling sensation. You can use it as an air freshener too. Spray it around your plants in the garden to help keep bugs away.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

The commercial sanitizers contain alcohol and dry out your hands. We make our own homemade essential oil hand sanitizer. Just follow the instructions above and add a tiny bit of aloe vera to the bottle. We use aloe that is in a pump bottle and just add one pump. Then add Thieves essential oil. That’s it and you have your own hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry out your hands.

Stink Away Essential Oil Spray

This works great for bad smells such as stinky shoes, trash cans, or bathrooms. We use an oil from Young Living called Purification and it smells wonderful! I love it. You can use any pleasant smelling oil such as lavender, lemon, lavender or Thieves. Now you can kill odors with a chemical-free spray.

Healing Spray

This spray is great for sunburns, bug bites, hemorrhoids or recovering from a tear after giving birth. Add ¼ cup of witch hazel to this one then fill with distilled water.  Add peppermint, lavender and a few pumps of aloe gel. You can also add lemongrass & frankincense for swelling.  I’ve used this myself on 2nd degree sunburn and sun poisoning I received this summer. It felt so good and helped the pain a lot!

Dry Hair & Dandruff Spray

Use this homemade essential oil spray in the shower as a quick spray on conditioner. Take a 2 oz bottle & fill 1/4th full of almond or jojoba oil then add 3 drops each rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood. We also add two pumps of aloe then fill with distilled water. Use this after shampooing. Spray all over hair avoiding your eyes, massage into scalp and let sit for a minute then rinse it out. Use this 2-3 times a week.

I hope you enjoy these essential oil spray recipes. When you use these, you can feel safe that you are not exposing your family to harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Ashley Allgood is a Christian wife married twenty-two years to Michael. They have three children ages 20, 16, and 15. They live in Georgia where they homeschool their younger two children. The oldest has graduated to college. Ashley is a distributor for Young Living oils. She has always loved writing and storytelling. Read her blog, Thoughts Of Faith at http://mythoughtsoffaith.blogspot.com.

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