Budgeting and Your Bank Account

Budgeting and your Bank Account

Organizing Bank Accounts When you read the title of this article, you are probably wondering what I mean. Why would someone need to organize her bank accounts? Well, let me explain a method of using multiple checking and/ or savings accounts to help you stay on track so that you can meet your financial goals. …

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Soup’s On!

soup's on!

We eat a lot of soup at my house, especially during the fall and winter months. It’s a great way to keep everyone warmed and fed while stretching the food budget. It’s also a good way to use up leftovers. I freeze any leftover vegetables, rice, pasta, meat, etc. for the soup pot. Soup and …

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A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start (1)

You are here. Those are the first words I looked for on the map in the highway rest area. I needed that point of reference to put everything else into perspective. And it’s like that with just about everything. When it comes to making progress of any kind, you need to know your starting point. …

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Coping with Job Loss

How Do You Cope With Job Loss (2)

by Jennifer Sikora My search for frugality began when my husband decided to shut down his business in September of 2008 due to lack of business. At the time, I wasn’t working, so I started searching for something I could do from home to bring in some income to help with the bills. I landed …

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Winter Lip Therapy

Taking Care Of Your Lips

Let’s talk lips. You smile with them, eat with them, talk with them, and even kiss with them. They should be soft and pink and healthy. Yet, the reality of our lip health is probably far different. They are often neglected and subjected to the punishment of cold winter weather that leaves them chapped, dry, …

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Tiny Kitchen? No Problem

Tiny Kitchen. No Problem!

By Ashley Allgood I love my home but have always been a bit frustrated with our tiny kitchen. I hardly have any counter space and my main area of preparing meals had always been on our stove top, which is flat. My only other choice was on top of the counter directly over the dishwasher, …

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How to Treat Sinus Infections

The cold weather along with the bacteria and germs that come along with being cooped up indoors can be harsh on our immune systems. Thankfully, there are many natural remedies that you can use to help prevent and fight infections. This month we’re focusing on the sinuses. Sinus cavities can easily become infected when they …

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Things To Do In January

Things to do in January

Since 2016 has come to a close, I’ve been thinking about the past twelve months: we moved into a new home, in a new city; I made lots of mistakes and blunders along the way and overreacted to many things that weren’t worth it.

Piecing Together Priorities

Piecing Together Priorities by Pat Fenner There are so many things competing for our time these days. Between work (which has its own sub-list!) and home (including spouse, kids, household maintenance, church, extended family obligations, friends . . . well, you get the picture!) – it seems like everything and everyone are vying for our …

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