Teaching Time: Learning Alongside Your Child

One of the blessings of homeschooling our children is the opportunity to learn along with them, and one of the things you can learn more about as you’re teaching them is … money.

A Vacation Education

Homeschooling doesn’t need to end in June. Give your children opportunities to learn science, history, math, and art, and creative ways to express what they are learning while on vacation!

Embracing the Journey This School Year

A new school year is upon us, a fresh beginning with clean notebooks waiting to be filled, field trips to be taken, and discussions to be had. Each time this occasion rolls around, it carries with it change. Some of it is so subtle, and we are so busy, that we fail to notice it. …

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The Heart of a Homeschool Teacher

When we take our personal growth seriously, our hearts and minds are renewed. Love is shown in how we respond to the challenges of being a homeschooling mom.