Raising Meat Rabbits

Learn how and why raising meat rabbits is healthy, easy and affordable by someone who has been raising rabbits for meat for years. Learn the best meat rabbit breeds too.

Urban Gardening Tips and Ideas

Ever think of growing your own garden? You don’t need a large piece of land to get started, and gardening is proven to have health benefits such as stress relief and relaxation. So, why not take the plunge and try urban gardening?

Deer Processing 101: Preparing Your Venison

We hunt to feed our family. We are trying to live as self-sustainably as possible and that means hunting for our own meat. There’s a process we follow to put fresh meat in the freezer. Warning: Contains pictures of a dead deer.

Desert Gardening and Plants that Grow in Arizona

Are you looking to grow your own plants in the desert? In this article, Pamela Williams shares her desert gardening tips, from plants that grow in Arizona to managing soil and shade to keep your desert garden thriving. Get started!

All About Composting from An American Homestead

We wanted to share this video from our friends at www.AnAmericanHomestead.com.  They say, “We are serious about composting. We take a look at 4 areas of composting that we manage around the homestead. Animal manure, Humanure, Kitchen scraps, and vemiculture.” Learn about the benefits of composting and how it works in our composting 101 article.

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