Finance for Homeschool

Finance for Homeschool Highschool
By Lisa Barthuly
Teaching our children about money is just wise. The root of all evil can be the love of money, however, when we educate our children and set a proper foundation in place, money can be used as a blessing instead of a curse! I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s tools for anyone, of any age. When it comes to educating our children, especially our young adults, I think Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool, the personal finance curriculum put together by Dave Ramsey and his team, should be a required subject for graduation. It is that good.

My homeschooled sophomore took Foundations this past year, and it was her favorite class. She went from a kid who had every dollar burning a hole in her pocket to a young lady making smart money choices and saving. Dave is engaging, humorous, and teaches how being smart with money is not only wise, it is biblical. This hit home with my daughter and the lessons she learned in her Foundations class will last a lifetime.
The folks at Dave Ramsey have come out with a bit of a redesign to Foundations, and added more content including four completely new chapters, a teacher’s guide, and interactive learning website to accompany the program. When we received a copy of the redesigned Foundations course to review, my daughter asked me to build time into her schedule to take it again. THAT speaks volumes!

Head over to and check out this program for your young adults; it’s not often you can say a curriculum is a life changer.
Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool is a complete, turnkey, high school curriculum designed to fully equip homeschool parent teachers with everything needed for a dynamic learning experience. They’ve included lesson plans, teaching delivered via video by Dave Ramsey and his team of experts, and a blended learning website, In addition, more than thirty-five activities are included, which focus on providing twenty-first century personal finance knowledge and skills in a student-centered approach to learning.

Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool includes a 160-page teacher guide on CD-Rom with more than thirty-five activities, case studies, and assessments. It contains a set of five DVDs offering more than twelve hours of engaging classroom instruction taught by Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan. The student text is a comprehensive, 288-page student softcover consumable. It provides students an opportunity to learn, practice, and apply important personal finance knowledge and skills. The twelve chapters are aligned with the National Standards for Financial Literacy.

Now that I’ve been a homeschooling parent for quite a few years, I am often asked, “What curriculum do I need?”

I’ve always explained how that is so individual to the family and your style of homeschooling. However, my “Top Two” must-have resources to educate our children are our Bibles and a library card. My list is now my “Top Three” and includes Foundations.

Our children will deal with money their whole lives. It is crucial we give them a firm foundation to stand on. Let’s teach them how to handle money properly and make it a blessing and not a curse!

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  1. I happened on to your page through an advertisement at This Old SchoolHouse. I am still exploring your blog and I too love Dave Ramsey. I have my 2 children (homeschool children) on commission, instead of welfare. They put 10% pf their earnings into their ‘charity’ envelope. They give some in church and give to a homeless shelter that we support.
    I marked your blog as my homepage. So eager to look at your website.

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