Chasing Water


By Heather Mader

Chasing water was something my grandma did every day at the ranch. My mom does it every day in her garden as well. I chase water as well, not only in the garden, but in a much different way.
The term “chasing water” simply means dragging a hose from spot to spot in the garden and letting the water run. Each of those places gets special watering according to the type of plants and their water requirements unlike the lawn that is set up on a sprinkler system. Depending on how you look at it, and of course how busy your day is, the job can be a special time to check on your growing plants or it can be a chore in which you can get very wet and sometimes even a bit muddy.
Whether you hold the hose, put it on the ground and let it flow out, or attach a sprinkler head to the end you have to make time to chase the water. It can be a time of the joy of discovery of a new plant working its way up through the soil or a time to see what weeds need to be pulled. It also is a time to have quiet conversation with the Lord.
I compare homeschooling my four children with chasing water because their education has been specialized, not mass produced. Each child has specific gifts and weaknesses which need to be nurtured or strengthened and require extra care from time to time. The children have been with us through each day of the great times and hard times, much like plants in the garden learning to deal with abundant rain and scorching drought. Because we are together we’ve been able to have a schedule more tailored to us, which in reality goes by the word “flexibility.” Yes, some days it would be easier if I had a sprinkler that covered everything at once so I could go do something else, but that’s just not how life is. I’m glad of it too!
The term chasing water also reminds me to keep my focus and intent upon Jesus. “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink” (John 7:37). This is the Water that I encourage everyone to forever be chasing! Take a moment to drink in the blessings around you in your family and your garden today!

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  1. I appreciate this post. Reminding me of The Lord being our “Living Water”. This has special meaning to me because I personally know one of Heather’s children and she is well watered.

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