Selling Your Farm Products

By Sherri Lyons
So, you want to make extra money off of your farm and you have the perfect product to sell. Now what? Selling things from your farm is easier than you think. I have been selling things from my farm for years and you can too. Here are a few guide lines that will help you. You will be on your way to making money in no time.
First, you need to believe in the product that you’re selling. Customers can tell right away if you believe in your product. If your fresh eggs are better than the store bought ones, if your grass fed beef tastes better than what the big chain stores sell, or if your yarn is better quality than what you can get at the craft stores, you have to believe in it. That way when you are talking to people about your product, they can hear it in your voice that you believe what you are telling them.
Next, you need to figure out who you’re going to be selling your product to. You won’t be selling your beef to a vegan family but, you could sell your vegetables. If it’s crafts that you’re selling, more than likely, you won’t be selling your things to the guys at the local laborers’ union. Know your customers! If you don’t want to specialize in who buys your product, you can take your product to a place where many different types of people shop.
Try renting a booth at a farmers’ market or even at your local flea market. If you are selling food, make sure you check your local food laws. When you are selling at a farmers’ market or a flea market, it’s best to present your product well. Don’t just throw it out on a table. Depending on your product, make nice signs telling people how much you want for your product or even a sign that tells what your product is. Use nice table clothes and possibly even curtains. Just make sure that it looks professional and not junky. Presentation is key when it comes to selling things. Make your product stand out from other people’s products.
Another way of selling your product is through social media. Craigslist or Facebook are good ways of getting your product out there. Take good and clear pictures of your product and put them online. Give details about your product also. I have sold many products online—it’s easy!
Last, but not least, get out there and talk to people! Sometimes just starting up a conversation with someone at a grocery store can lead to them wanting to buy your fresh eggs or beef. Talking to people at a craft store can help get someone interested in your raw or finished wool. Even talking to someone at a gas station about the goat sticker in the window of your truck may get them interested in buying one of your goats.
It’s all about getting out there. Don’t just stay at home and expect people to automatically come to you and want your goods. Be friendly, be vivid, and start raking in your money.
Sherri lives with her husband on a farm in the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains. They raise a garden every year and have many animals including horses, cattle, rabbits, chickens, and—of course—the always present farm dog. You can follow their adventures on her blog at

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