What Kind of Home Business is Best for You?

What Kind of Home INdustry christine fieldBy: Christine Field
Are you convinced that it’s time to look further into establishing a home industry or a home business? There are exciting times of exploration and inquiry ahead for you!

Where do you begin? If you are truly new to the idea of home industry or working at home, you have lots to learn—about business but also about YOURSELF! What is an interest you have that has been sustained over the years? This is where to start! What brings you joy?

Going after something that fuels your passion is exciting and scary. It may take time. You may have false starts. But it might also be the most exciting time of your life. How do you go about figuring this out?

1. What excites you?

This is a time for dreaming. Dream big. Don’t be limited by practicality at this point. Think long and hard about experiences you have had, or things you have read about that seem really exciting to you. Make some lists, dig into some memories, and let your imagination flow.

2. What skills do you have?

Especially if you have been out of the “work force” for a while, it may be hard to think about your skills, but we all have things we are good at. If you’ve been working, maybe you underrate your skills. You’ve got skills.

Here are some examples. Have you worked in an office? Break down the skills you used in that setting: scheduling, meeting deadlines, customer service, and more. Have you been managing the education of four unique children, including their busy extracurricular schedules for several years? That takes research, tenacity, and organization. Do you love organizing? Make a note of these things that may seem small, but might result in big home industry adventures!

Here’s another example. You’ve been sewing for years, making kids’ clothes and quilts. You see it as something you just do for fun. But maybe it could be much more, like tailoring and making custom garments.

3. What is there a market for?

In other words, what’s the demand for your skills? If you have a passion and skills in a particular area, the next thing to explore is whether there is a market for these. How do you do this? It’s time for some searching and some researching. Look at what people are already doing. Search the Internet and local businesses to see what people are selling and the kinds of services they are offering.

How about those office skills mentioned above? Broadening that out a little, people are always looking for help with getting organized. Teaching organization skills, money management, or helping people get organized are viable business options.

On the other hand, what if your passion and skill is a little more crafty? Let’s say you love to crochet coasters. All your friends love them and they make great gifts, but there is probably not a viable market for only crocheted coasters. However, if you expand your thinking to include an entire line of hip, fun crocheted items, there might be a possibility!

Feeling overwhelmed at this point? That’s normal. Stepping out to try something new is never easy. Remember your butterflies and feelings of uncertainty when you began parenting or homeschooling or started a new job or even moved to a new community?

It’s kind of like that. And just as in those examples, sometimes you figure things out as you go. Step by step, day by day. You’re learning. But if you are really determined to pursue a home industry, you can’t just think about it forever. You have to take action and step forward. You can have a home industry and live your financial and professional life on your own terms.

It’s a process and a journey. Next time we’ll talk about some taking-action stepping stones.
christine field
Christine Field is an author and speaker and blogs at www.realmomlife.com.

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