Trim Healthy Mama Friendly Menu Plan

Trim Healthy Mama Menu Plan
By Lisa Holcomb

Are you a Trim Healthy Mama or thinking about starting the Trim Healthy Mama menu plan? We know how daunting it can be to plan the menus week after week! As great as Trim Healthy Mama is, it can be overwhelming just to figure out what’s on plan and what’s not, and putting together an entire Trim Healthy Mama menu can be difficult and time consuming.

Trim Healthy Mama Recipes Made Easy

There’s hope though! It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve taken all the guess work out of putting a THM Friendly menu together and have made it incredibly easy to plan a complete menu, including printing off a shopping list in just a matter of minutes! Every recipe on our Trim Healthy Mama Friendly menu is reviewed by one of our staff members who is very familiar with how Trim Healthy Mama works, and our recipes will be on plan. You can count on Build A Menu to provide you with fantastic S, E, and FP compatible recipes each and every week.

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks and Meal Plans

The Trim Healthy Mama diet includes quite a few ingredients we consider “staples.” We are committed to offering recipes that are budget friendly and don’t require expensive ingredients. However, we assume that if you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, you’ll be familiar with most of the staple ingredients in the recipes we offer. You can see all the ingredients needed in each recipe as you’re building your menu, as well as on your customized grocery shopping list. Be sure to check it before you head to the store! Examples of staples are ingredients such as spices, seasonings, and items that come in packages that have many servings (e.g., almond flour, ground flax seed, etc.)

How Does Build A Menu work with THM Meal Plan?

Every week we’ll offer a new set of recipes for you to choose from; each of them showing current grocery store prices so you’ll always be able to build a menu that you know will fit your budget. This is a feature that’s unique to Build A Menu and is such a powerful way to do your meal planning! We offer a variety of S friendly, E friendly, and FP friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and even a dessert of the week. Mix and match to build the perfect menu for you and your family, and when you’re done, you’ll instantly receive a customized shopping list ready to print and go shopping. Trim Healthy Mama Friendly meal planning done for the week in about 10 minutes time!

Trim Healthy Mama Menu Plan

We take the guess work out of THM menu planning on a budget —a very important part of any meal plan! We show you how much it costs to purchase the ingredients for each recipe we offer (except for staple ingredients) so you can plan a complete menu that fits your budget. You’ll know how much your groceries will cost before you ever get to the store.

Feeding the family something other than what you fix for yourself? No problem! We serve up over 250 recipes every week for you to select from so you can mix and match from any of our categories to build the perfect menu for your family’s needs!
Watch this video to see how easy it is to use Build A Menu to plan your Trim Healthy Mama Menu.

Lisa Holcomb and her husband, Will, have six children (her oldest two children are married and have babies of their own) and live near Austin, Texas, with their four boys. Lisa is co-founder of Build A Menu and is known as the “Queen of Meal Time Makeovers.” She is an author, speaker and an advocate for adoption, family nutrition, savvy grocery shopping, and family dinners. Feel free to email her at [email protected].

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