How to Make a Minky Baby Blanket – DIY Tutorial

How to Make a Minky Baby Blanket - DIY Tutorial
By Jan Hatchett

There is something incredibly fun about making baby blankets. They are small and quick to finish, made from the cutest materials, and super cuddly. Even better, they can be inexpensive to make because they use fewer materials than adult-sized blankets. Baby blankets are the total win-win…which is why today, we’re learning how to make a Minky baby blanket!

Minky Blanket Bold swirls for baby girl

What is a Minky Baby Blanket?

Baby Minky blankets are made from Minky fabrics, a super plush and silky-soft microfiber group of fabrics that come in solids, patterns, and raised dot varieties, among many others. Its finish is extra soft and cuddly, perfect for baby items and blankets that a baby will lay on. (I even backed the quilt on my bed with Minky because it feels so luxurious.)

Tips for Making a Minky Baby Blanket

  1. Minky can be difficult to sew with because it stretches in both directions. Using a walking foot on your sewing machine can help with this. The weight of the fabric can stretch its own dimensions (in a larger project) if unsupported.
  2. Minky fabric also terribly linty and furry along the cut edges. This calms down considerably when the edges are sewn and encased in the final project.
  3. Minky can be long-arm quilted beautifully. However, for those of us without long-arm quilt machines, it also ties nicely for a warm, finished quilt.
  4. Also, be extra careful when ironing a Minky project; the raised dot effect can be completely erased by a hot iron!

For these blankets, I paired white dotted Minky with some cotton fashion fabrics for gifts for two mommies-to-be that are my former students. The cotton allows for fun patterns and some differences for gender. A nice, plush flannel would be a good option here, too. But, avoid trying to add a stretchy fabric with the Minky. Cotton adds a nice stability to the project.

How to Make a Minky Baby Blanket – Step by Step

  1. First, press your fashion fabric to make sure there are no creases, wrinkles, etc. Cut to the size of your desired blanket (adding an inch or so to all sides for seam allowances). About 45 inches by 60 inches is a good crib size. A good receiving blanket size is 36 inches square. This size is also great for covering baby up in a stroller or car seat. I made as large a square as possible in my fabric, around 42 inches.
  2. Second, lay your square of fabric (face down) directly on your Minky fabric (which is face up) and carefully cut the fabric, using your cotton fabric as a pattern. Now, pin generously to help the stretchy Minky fabric hold its shape.
  3. Third, using a walking foot and a generous 1/2-inch seam allowance for durability, sew around the edges, leaving an opening of 6 to 8 inches for turning. Be certain to backstitch on either side of this opening, so you don’t pop any stitches when turning.
  4. Fourth, trim off the corners (unless you choose to round them off, in which case, you need to notch the edges for a smoother finish) and turn the project inside out. Use a hot, dry iron to crease the edges so that they lay smoothly. Turn under the seam allowance at the opening that you left for turning; press and pin closed.
  5. Fifth, use your sewing machine and walking foot to topstitch, 1/4-inch or less from the outer edge, around the entire perimeter of the blanket. This gives a nice defined edge to your project, supports the edge, and closes up the opening for turning. Contrasting threads can be nice at this point, as can be a lovely, decorative machine stitch if you like. I chose a straight stitch in white for these, so as to not compete with the print on the cotton fabric.

And that is it! A beautiful gift from your own home and hands that will be durable and loved for many months. Toddlers can even drag this size blanket around easily to keep that nice, soft fabric close by!

Finished minky baby blanket for baby girl
We’d love to see your creations! If you recently learned how to make a Minky baby blanket using this method, please send a photo of it to [email protected] to be shared on the Molly Green Pinterest page!

Jan Hatchett is a Christian wife and homeschooling mom of two amazing sons. She enjoys log cabin living, writing, quilting, crafting, sewing, reading, and horseback riding. For more of Jan’s exploits, check out:

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  1. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that soft bedding should not be used in cribs until a baby is 12 months old. But a baby won’t always be younger than 12 months, and this could be a very useful crib blanket or favorite “cuddly.” I have yet to meet a mother who has not used blankets just like these to keep her babies warm in their car seats and elsewhere in the winter, especially here in the Midwest where temps can easily reach sub-zero! 🙂 Thanks for writing!

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